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GEMZONE is our reward program specially designed for you! It's our way of saying thank you for banking with us.

Taking our #bankonher campaign to a whole new level with the Beauty Souk

At Diamond Bank, we recognize the need to drive women's economic empowerment by giving them the right support and business environment. This informed our decision to sponsor the Beauty Souk which held at Harbour Point, Victoria Island, Lagos on Sunday, 9 July 2017.

The full day event featured both indigenous and foreign players in the nation's beauty industry. It provided ample opportunity for these teeming businesses not only to network, learn, showcase and sell their beauty products and services, it also allowed them share their business experiences.

Click HERE for a video montage on Beauty Souk.

Why what we do matters - A True Story

When Mahatma Ghandi said, "Be the change you want to see in the world," underlying that statement was the simple assumption that everything we do matters.

The story is set in one of the early Diamond Business Clinic events. The session had begun with various consultants in Finance, HR, Sales, Branding etc. attending to the customers who had started arriving as early as 9am. The day had almost come to an end when Mr. Innocent (not real name) came in.

The customer, who runs an interlocking bricks production business, had enjoyed a business boom and made lots of money in the first three years.

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Another Reward for Excellence

Guess who recently won the award of the Healthcare-friendly financial institution 2017? If your answer is Diamond Bank, then you are absolutely correct! The Bank was presented with the award at the Nigerian Healthcare Excellence Award (NHEA) for our Diamond MediLoan Quality care proposition amongst a number of financial institutions nominated for this award including Access Bank, Fidelity Bank and Sterling Bank.

The NHEA celebrates and recognizes the individuals and organizations that have contributed remarkably to the improvement of the Nigerian healthcare sector. This yea's award makes it the second consecutive year the Bank will win the award.

Here's congratulating all Diamonds on this worthy recognition.

Help Small Businesses take their Businesses to the next level with BET 7

Applications for this yea's Building Entrepreneurs Today (BET) programme is now open and prospective participants have till 29 September 2017 to apply.

Christened BET7, this season comes loaded with a number of new features designed to increase the reach and deepen the experience for participants. For instance, unlike previous seasons when we had focus areas application for BET7 is open to all qualifying entrepreneurs irrespective of their industry. Look out for the all new reality-series-styled screening phase. It's sure to revolutionize a number of businesses!

Ask your customers, friends and family to apply by visiting for a chance to be selected as one of the 50 businesses to benefit from the training programme.

To see our introductory video on BET7, please click HERE.


These are definitely exciting times!

For the first time in the history of the Bank, we are defining how we communicate. Now, while our default communication approach is formal (after all, we are a business), feelers are that we can communicate better. Moreover, our current approach hinders our ability to connect with ourselves effectively and even with our customers. This forms the basis for introducing our "tone of voice" style.

The tone of voice defines how the character of our business comes through in our words, both written and spoken. It's not just about what we say but the way that we say it and the impression it makes on everyone who reads or hears us.

Like a number of staff have noted, onboarding the new tone of voice style will take a behavioural change on the part of every Diamond. Ultimately, we want to communicate in a warm, transparent and engaging manner that demonstrates our core values of Integrity, Competence, Leadership, Accountability and Passion.

Have your Say on Our Tone of Voice

Here's an opportunity to share your thoughts on the way we speak, viz:

  • What are those words we often use that really upset you?
  • What are the features of a clear email draft?
  • What factors do you think hinder effective communication internally (amongst staff) and externally (with customers or prospects)?

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To watch Uzoma Dozie's video on Tone of Voice, click HERE

Tone of Voice

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If is the only website you visit this weekend we guarantee it will be worth your time.

Authored by Uzoma (obviously), the website details his thoughts on a number of interesting topics including retail, banking, new technology, fitness, photography amongst others. Look out for the post titled Why Banks need to go digital? and you will understand why our evolution into Nigeria's leading digital bank is inevitable.  According to the post, "Banks need to focus on methods they can use to become friends with their participants in their networks. Friends advise and support, they dont sell, charge, or make money out of you." (Does Caring and Helping come to mind?)

Let's know which article(s) tickles your fancy. Drop us a line @Corporate Comms.

What is your content development strategy?

The term millennial often refer to a certain set of people categorized by age, but a closer look indicates that millenarian attributes cuts through a much wider scope of people. Those driven by technology with an almost insatiable thirst for engaging trends and culture.

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IFRS 9 & It's about to go down!

So, word on the streets is that come January 2018 (another 4 months time), Diamond Bank as well as other reporting institutions would start implementing IFRS 9. Now, while a lot has been said (and much more will be said) on the financial reporting format, we have prepared a three-page slide to highlight the impact of the reporting format on Diamond Bank.

Please click HERE to read the slides.

Here's a link to an interesting article on IFRS 9 on the Mckinsey & Company website:

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Health & Wellness: Charity begins at home

Okay, so we just recently won the Nigerian Healthcare Excellence Award (NHEA) for "Healthcare-friendly financial institution" 2017.

It will interest you to know that we have won this award back to back for the last two years and it feels gratifying that the healthcare sector recognizes our contribution as a Bank in this space.

Bringing it home, how many of us have taken stock of our wellbeing lately? Do you know that healthy people are more productive?

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For the Love of Beards

Here I was happy to finally be a banker, all the fancy suits, the business trips, the girls... it was going to be HUUUUGE! Only thing I didnt bargain for, the smooth face like a baby's bum.

The day I resumed training school, I had lost about 86% of my self-confidence, I cowered to the back of the class for fear of being beaten up by the girls.

Fast forward; 4years down, I got the fancy suits, I got the business trips but not the girls. The girls went for bearded guys and I hated my job for it (haters will say it's not the fault of beards).

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Diamonds Found Their Inner Childhood and The World Loved It

May 27 every year is regarded as Children's Day in Nigeria and to mark it, children all over the country come together at various locations to take part in colourful and widely attended ceremonial parades.

Elements of this event include march past competitions, choreography, sports and games.

It was in this light that staff of Diamond Bank decided to show up to work dressed in various secondary and primary school attires.

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