Protect Your Card

The safety of your funds is important to us. Please always follow the safety tips below to protect your debit or credit card:


Use your card on trusted retail platforms

Inform us when traveling abroad, this will enable us to notify you if there is any suspicious transaction on your account/card

Make purchases from secure websites (secure sites begin with “HTTPS”)

Be careful when using an ATM, always shield your PIN from view


Do not leave your card lying around carelessly

Never save your card details on public computers or websites (hackers specifically target online shoppers)

Do not give out your Card PIN, Card Number, Card Expiry Date and CVV to anyone

If your Debit Card gets stolen or lost:

  • Log into your Diamond Mobile App
  • Select Cards and Cheques from the menu
  • Click on Manage Debit Cards and enable
  • Input your pin, submit and deactivate
  • You can also call our 24-hour Contact Centre on 07003000000 to deactivate your credit or debit card

If you doubt the genuineness of a message or call received, please contact our 24-hour Contact Centre on 0700 300 0000, send an email to or visit any Diamond branch for enquiries.