Diamond Online

We offer a variety of services on our internet banking platform (Diamond online), for easy use and management of your accounts with us at no extra cost.

It also features lifestyle solutions which make online banking easy and interesting for you.

Why Choose Diamond Online

Easy online access to your accounts & anytime, anywhere! 24/7

Diamond Online can be accessed via multiple devices i.e., computer, laptops, tablets or mobile phone with your login details

Diamond Online provides a high level of security whether you log on using a desktop computer or a mobile device. It's much secured with User ID and password, Diamond Token and Trusteer Rapport. Your Online Banking session times out automatically after a period of inactivity.

It is a 24/7 banking service (Weekend, Public holiday, Strike or Social Crisis)


It is a lot cheaper to transact with Diamond Online than visiting the branch

If you are already a Diamond Online subscriber just click HERE to log in.
Please click HERE to view FAQs on Diamond Online.
To download a Token application form, please click HERE.
To download a Token Request form, please click HERE.
To download InterBank Transfer Limit Form for Individual, please click HERE.
To download InterBank Transfer Limit Form for Corporate, please click HERE.


View and monitor activities on your accounts, view and print out statements in excel csv and pdf, view images of issued cheques presented for clearing, also link up your accounts for a single Login view.

With just a few clicks you can Transfer money between your own accounts and 3rd party accounts within Diamond Bank and other banks.

Transfer foreign currency from your domiciliary account in Diamond bank (USD, GBP and EURO) to any Bank within and outside Nigeria.

You can make bills payment instantly to over 30 billers (Cable TV, credit card repayments, LCC toll fees, airtime top up, internet subscription e.t.c)

You can create, modify or cancel your direct debits and standing instructions on any of your Diamond bank accounts.

Users can maintain a library of beneficiaries account details for reoccurring payments to eliminate the need for typing in the details each time

You can search, book and pay for local and international flights, (instant e- receipts)

You can create savings group with friends and family and save towards a targeted goal

Request for a new chequebook , confirm and stop your issued cheques all on the Diamond online service.

Receive your Western Union transfer directly into your Diamond account seamlessly.

Book and manage your Term/Fixed deposits with ease.

You can request for your personal travel allowance in USD/EUR/GBP.

You can set your transaction limit and request for a debit card on your account.

You can activate your account for Magic Cash transactions through this channel.

Start Here

You can apply by downloading the application form HERE for individual and HERE for corporate accounts.