The Future of Banking

With over 2 million users, the Diamond Mobile App allows users access their accounts for various financial transactions. With the App, customers can conduct their business from the comfort of their homes in a secure, fast and convenient way.
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In addition to the ability to pay bills and transfer local and foreign currency, users are also able to search, book and pay for international & local flights and buy the latest events and movie tickets with the Diamond Mobile App. This App can be downloaded for free from all major app stores e.g. Blackberry world, Google Play Store, Windows store and iTunes app store

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Self Service Features

Secured, fast and convenient banking from the comfort of your home

  •  Foreign Currency Transfer (Local and International)
  •  Search, book and Pay for International and Local flights
  •  Funds Transfer within and outside Diamond Bank
  •  eSUSU
  •  Self Service
  •  Touch ID for iOS devices
  •  Debit Card Registration
  •  Self-Registration on a New Device
  •  Diamond Money Transfer
  •  Account statement request
  •  Airtime Top-up
  •  Bills payments (over 40Bills)
  •  Blackberry BIS Subscription
  •  Cheque services (Stop Cheque, confirm Cheque and New Cheque request)
  •  Switch on/Off Debit cards
  •  Credit card repayments
  •  Events and Movie Tickets Purchase (Movie preview also available)
  •  Konga Wallet Top-up
  •  App personalization with a Selfie
  • Quck transfer
  • Quick bill payment
  • Quick loan

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Diamond Mobile App is one evident way Diamond bank is committed to providing innovative and accessible banking products and services to its customers anywhere in the world. This platform, since its launch in October 2012 has catered to the basic banking as well as lifestyle needs of our customers, to ensure that they have 24/7 access to their funds in a convenient, fast and secure way and in turn improve customer satisfaction. It is a lot more than a banking application.