More funding solutions to help your business

We do our best to make your business our business.

Diamond Bank offers access to short and medium term financing for working capital & asset purchase needs with reduced collateral requirements. These loan products are as follows;

Any Time Money
Having access to your cash is important and we've tried to make it as easy and convenient as possible. Our self-service Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) are located around the country. So you can get cash and manage your banking outside the branch and after banking hours at no charge.

  • Withdraw cash as many times as you need to
  • You have a daily limit of N100 000 you can withdraw
  • Choose Fast Cash to choose from a menu of pre-selected amounts


Diamond Mobile app is now reloaded with more exciting features to make your banking better, faster, and smarter.

You can now search, book and pay for flights, buy movie tickets, send airtime to contacts on your phonebook from any mobile network, make credit card repayments, enjoy enhanced security features and lots more on your mobile phone.


Diamond Online is a value-added service that comes at no extra cost and is available 24/7. WIth Diamond Online you can:

  • Confirm all your account balances
  • View and print your account statements


Our Point of Sale (PoS) Offer

Diamond Bank is pleased to introduce to you our online multi-card Point of Sale (PoS) for the payment convenience of your customers. The PoS is designed to offer you utmost security and convenience of accepting debit and credit card transactions done with Visa, Verve and MasterCard cards issued both in Nigeria and abroad! With over tens of million cards already issued by Nigerian Banks and still growing, the PoS terminal offers you one of the most compelling means of growing your business while eliminating cash handling difficulties.

How the PoS Works

Step 1: Insert card
Step 2: Press keys with digits to enter value of goods e.g. N21, 569:00k
Step 3: Press green key to validate amount
Step 4: Enters PIN and presses green key to confirm PIN
Step 5: Terminal screen reads transaction status - approved or declined
Step 6: Press green key to print customers receipt Step 7: Press green key to print duplicate (merchants) receipt

When is my account credited for a successful transaction?

I. Cardholder gets instant debit for a successful transaction, so there is the peace of mind that you will be paid for approved amount
II. Merchant (business owner) receives credit within 24 hours (except weekends)

Why do I need to have a PoS for my business?

  • Better and faster way of making payments
  • Convenient to use for all amounts as cash payment could be bulky
  • Deposits money electronically into your account without having to go the bank
  • Reduces risks of theft and cash handling
  • Transactions can be monitored online real time
  • MIS report can be generated anytime on the PoS terminal for you
  • Increases sales as customers buy more with cards than cash at hand
  • The economy now demands card payment as a preferred option to cash with large handling larges imposed for individuals and companies who withdraw and pay in cash

Extra value

  • Cash handling charges will be eliminated once more people pay with cards.
  • Free support services such as repairs, training, terminal upgrade, settlement reports
  • Free merchandizing and promotional materials; stickers, danglers, decals, etc.
  • Zero COT for our Businessxpress customers
  • Easy access to business loans
  • Entrepreneurial guide at a discounted rate
  • Access to Diamond Bank Credit Cards for you and your customers
  • Customers of Best-Performing locations will be rewarded with gift items to encourage loyalty
  • Promotional items such as signages, stickers, danglers will be provided free of charge.

Who needs a PoS?

Based on CBN policy on cash lodgments and withdrawals, all businesses that accept cash up to N500, 000 for individuals and up to N3, 000,000 for corporate customers for their daily business transactions require a PoS terminal to avoid being charged from 2% in excess of the approved free lodgment limit. These include Supermarkets, Hotels & Restaurants, Electronic Shops, Pharmacies, Boutiques, Hospitals, Distributorships, Airlines, etc.

How to apply for a PoS?

I. Kindly pick up an application form from any of our branches nearest to you OR through your Relationship Officer
II. Fill up the form and return the same after completion
III. The PoS terminal is deployed at your business location within 4 working days free of charge!
Terms and condition for free POS deployment apply

Diamond Magic Cash* is a card-less service that empowers you to use Diamond ATMs without your debit card.

  • Register for this service at any of our branches or call our Contact Centre on 0700-300-0000
  • Text ATM to 30811 from the registered mobile number maintained on your account to generate a six digit magic code
  • Go to any Diamond Bank ATM and select the Magic Cash option
  • Enter your registered mobile number with prefix +234
  • Enter the six digit Magic Code you received on your registered mobile number
  • Create and confirm your Magic PIN (4 digits) and proceed to transact (you will need to create the Magic PIN during the first transaction alone as you will only have to key it in for subsequent transactions).