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The Advantage of Success

Diamond Privilege is the private wealth management advisory proposition of Diamond Bank. We cater to ultra-high net worth investors providing exclusive onshore and offshore investment-related advice and support.

Our values are hinged on client's confidentiality, convenience and dedication from a relationship manager and support team. Our Private Bank is well equipped with the knowledge and skill to manage your global wealth from inception to transfer.

In addition to providing exclusive investment-related advice, Diamond privilege goes a step further to ensure you have an all-encompassing superior experience, from creating simplicity in your day to day banking to managing your lifestyle expectations.

We do all this because you deserve a life without limits

As a Privilege Bank client, you have access to Offshore and Onshore wealth management advisory. We ensure this is tailored towards achieving the strategic objectives for you and your family in the short and long term...


Fixed Income,

Treasury Bills,

Sankore Fixed Income securities,


Managing cash flow, introducing leverage, diversifying assets, getting reliable tax advice ... all these are provided for you through our highly skilled portfolio management team.

We understand the complexity of your global portfolio and will be giving timely information, knowledgeable advice and the necessary support towards achieving your goal


We understand how busy you are, and have put a whole team at your disposal to make daily banking much easier for you


The complexity of a busy lifestyle requires convenience and delightful experiences along the way. Our lifestyle offering is designed to ensure you have this experience. This is one of the advantages of your success

For more information click here to contact us or email diamondprivilege@diamondbank.com.

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