Moneygram Money Transfer

MoneyGram is the second largest global International Money Transfer Organization that offers both inbound and outbound money transfer services.

These services are open to existing customers of the Bank and non-account holders.

It is available in all Diamond Bank branches nationwide.


Features & Benefits

  • It is fast, convenient, safe and a secured means of transfer.
  • Funds can be sent and received from any branch of Diamond Bank
  • Customers can send or receive money from over 200 countries worldwide.

Requirements for Payment

To receive MoneyGram, beneficiary must complete a Receive form providing the information below:

  • A Valid means of identification
  • The Reference number.(This will be inputted on a security Pin pad that is available in all our branches)
  • Receivers first and last name
  • Expected Amount
  • Senders address
  • Senders first and last name
  • Purpose of Transaction

Requirements to Send

To send MoneyGram, customer must provide a duly completed Send form with the following information below:

  • Senders first and last name.
  • A valid means of identification
  • Senders home address, street, City/Town.
  • Amount to be sent.
  • Receivers address (City and Country)
  • Source of Funds
  • Purpose of transfer
  • Receivers Name ( As it appears on the receivers means of identification)