Fixed Income Accounts

As a Diamond Privilege client you can access an interest bearing current account that pays you interest based on your credit balance and charged no commission on turnover (COT) on any of your transactions. Your account enjoys free deposits and withdrawals* and a host of value-added benefits

- Free Diamond privilege cheque book with priority processing
- Free access to all Diamond Xclusive lounges and Diamond Privilege suites
- Transaction notification service through free SMS and email alerts

*A minimum balance of N10 million is required at all times or a monthly charge on N50 000 will apply. Statutory (CBN) charges may apply on cash deposits and withdrawals.


Fixed Income Accounts

  • Term deposit accounts
  • Diamond investment Notes

Savings Accounts

  • Diamond Savings Account
  • Diamond SavingsXtra Account
  • Diamond Kiddies Account
  • High Interest Deposit Account
  • Diamond Bonus Account

Domiciliary Accounts

  • Available in US dollars, British Pounds or Euro accounts