Why Choose The Diamond Credit Card

A credit card allows you to buy what you need, when you need it. If it's the day before pay day and there is a sale that you cannot miss, or an emergency that requires access to cash, your card is available for you to use.

Carrying our card is safer than carrying cash. When your cash is stolen, it's gone forever. If your credit card is stolen, you can phone our call centre and hotlist the card immediately, minimising your losses.

At Diamond Bank we understand that no matter how carefully you plan, every now and then you may have to make an unexpected payment. The Diamond Credit card is accepted across Nigeria and you can get up to 45 interest-free days on purchases and internet transactions, as long as you pay your card statement in full.

Please note that this only applies to purchases made with your card at a merchant or online. You will get charged interest on all cash withdrawals from the ATM from the day you make a withdrawal. Interest is calculated based on how many days the withdrawn amount remains unpaid.

With our credit card, you earn points for every purchase you made. The more you use your card, the more you earn, and these gem points are redeemable from any of our loyalty partners.

Cardholders can redeem their loyalty points for free goods and service by visiting https://gemzone.diamondbank.com

What Cards Do We Offer

Classic Credit Card is available to individuals who earn a minimum gross income of N80,000 monthly.

Gold Credit Card is available to individuals who earn a minimum gross income of N600,001 monthly.

Platinum Credit Card is available to individuals who earn a minimum gross income of N1,000,001 monthly.

Classic, Gold and Platinum DiamondXtra Cards: A cash secured credit card that offers 75% of amount on hold as credit limit. This is a great first card to hold and helps you build a credit history.

How To Redeem Your Loyalty Points:

Every month we send you a statement with your total accumulated points. You can then redeem your accrued points by visiting https://gemzone.diamondbank.com

Diamond Visa Card - Gold

What Are Our Fees?

 Diamond Bank Plc  DiamondXtra Credit Card  Park n Shop Credit Card  Corporate Charge Cards  Xclusive Credit Card
Fees & Charges Classic Gold Platinum Platinum Gold Gold Platinum
 Monthly Service Fee  N50  N50  N50  N50  N/A  N50  N50
 Supplementary Card  Monthly Service Fee N50 N50 N50  N50  N/A  N50  N50
 ATM Cash withdrawal Fee (DB ATMS) 1% up to a maximum of N120
 ATM Cash withdrawal Fee (Other Banks)  3% up to a maximum of N240
Card replacement fee N1,000 N1,000 N1,000 N1,000 N1,000 N1,000 N1,000
 Supplementary Card Issuance Fee  N1,000  N1,000  N1,000 N1,000 N1,000  FREE  FREE
 Annual Service Fee  N/A  N/A  N/A  FREE  N20,000  N/A  N/A
PIN Re-issuance Fee Free Free Free Free Free Free Free
Interest Rate
POS 3.0% 2.75% 2.50% 2.50% 2.50% 2.50% 2.50%
ATM 3.5% 3.25% 3.0% 3.0% 2.50% 2.50% 2.50%
Late Payment Fee N2,000 N2,000 N2,000 N2,000 N2,000 N2,000 N2,000

How Do I Get One?

Walk into any of our branches and ask to speak to anyone about our diamond visa card. You don't have to bank with Diamond Bank in order to qualify. We will require you to comply with our standard Know Your Customer (KYC) benchmarks prior to being issued a card. In order to achieve this, we require the following documents:

- Duly completed card application form

- Confirmation of employment

- Gross salary confirmation

- Duly completed card application form

- Company registration documents.

- Open a Diamond Bank DiamondXtra Current Account

- Duly completed card application form

- Two copies of recent passport photograph of self

- Valid means of applicant identification

- Address verification (electricity bills, water rates etc)

- Provision of a deposit collateral of 125% of amount limit requested

Already a Diamond Bank Credit Cardholder? Click any of the links below to find out more about your card