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Credit Cards

One card, One currency

Access your personal credit with a Diamond Credit Card and use it for everyday expenses at home and abroad


Diamond Credit Cards

The Diamond Credit Card is the first Naira denominated and internationally accepted credit card on the market.

It offers you convenience and reliability in meeting your lifestyle needs and also rewards you as you spend. It comes in three variants;

  • Diamond Classic Credit Card
  • Diamond Gold Credit Card
  • Diamond Platinum Credit Card

DiamondXtra Credit Card

A cash secured credit card that offers 75% of amount on hold as credit limit, a great first card to help you build a credit history while offering you the full benefits of a credit card.

  • Convenience
  • Safety
  • Earn Diamond Gems

Diamond Dollar Credit Card

This is a Dollar Denominated Credit Card that can be used for payment anywhere in the world were Visa is accepted. It is available to individuals with Dollar Domiciliary accounts with the bank.

  • Worldwide acceptance
  • Higher Spend Limits
  • 45 free interest days
  • Earn points on every spend: 5 points on every $10