Token Download Guide

  1. For Apple Devices (ipad, iphone, itouch), go to the apps store and download digipass for mobile. When the download is done, go to the digipass page and add the Diamond Bank customized digipass using this url: Select DIAMOND BANK Token DIGIPASS and click yes to install token.
  2. For blackberry phones and other Java supported phones click on the applicable link
  3. Save the zip file to a location on your computer
  4. Right click on the zip file, go to open with and click on compressed (zipped) folders.
  5. For Blackberry Phones copy the files in the compressed folder (DIGIPASSv3-1.cod, DIGIPASSv3-2.cod, DIGIPASSv3-3.cod, DIGIPASSv3.cod and DIGIPASSv3.jad). For Java Supported Phones copy the files in the compressed folder (DIGIPASSv3.jar and DIGIPASSv3.jad). For Android Supported Phones, click on the link below to download and install the Diamond Token (diamond.apk).
  6. Connect your mobile phone to your computer via your data cable
  7. Move the folders to a location on your mobile phone
  8. To install software token on your phone, kindly navigate to the folder location and click on the DIGIPASSv3.jad or diamond.apk
  9. After completing the installation, click on Run to launch the Software
  10. Enter the Serial Number, Activation Code & Preferred Local Password (we recommend 6 digit code) and select Ok
  11. Click on Never Ask Me Again option and submit
  12. Your Token is now ready for use.

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