Secure Online Transaction

The new Diamond Online is very safe as it has different levels of authorization that ensure your online banking transactions and information remains private. The service utilizes your Username and password to provide secure access to the account and a second (higher) level of protection by use of onetime passcode (OTP) for sensitive transactions that require an extra level of security such as beneficiary maintenance for third party fund transfers, interbank funds transfers, Bill payments, etc.

This onetime passcode (OTP) is dynamic as it is an auto generated pass code on demand and it is only valid for one time use. This significantly reduces the possibility of the one time passcode falling into the wrong hands.

An OTP can be derived in any of the following three ways:

  1. System generated OTP
  2. Software token
  3. Hard ware

System Generated onetime passcode (OTPs)

The most basic of the three. It does not require the use of hardware or software tokens devices. Customers can just click on the request pass-code button every time they need a higher level of authentication. The pass-code will then be automatically generated via the system and sent as an SMS to the customer’s phone. Thereafter the customer can then type the 5- digit code he receives in the space provided and submit.

Software Token

Software tokens can be generated via an application installed on Java enabled mobile phones. The application does not make use of the mobile network and does not require mobile network coverage for use. The application generates and provides you with the 6-digit code you need to transact.

Hardware Tokens

This is a small mobile device which is used to generate a onetime passcode (OTP) to enable you carry out transactions requiring a higher level of authentication

The onetime passcode (OTP) will expire if not used within 3 minutes. In this case, you may be required to generate another one-time-pass code.

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