Diamond Token User Guide

Diamond TOKEN is a security device which is used to generate one-time password (OTP). The Diamond Token (which comes in 2 variants) may have gotten to you as either: Physical hardware token Or Software token which would have come to you as an SMS from Diamond Bank with a link to download.

The Hardware token is a small physical device which is used to generate one-time password (OTP) on the device itself. Users are required to set their token PIN themselves upon receipt. The PIN is to be used anytime the user wants to generate a token (pass code).

The software token is installed on your mobile phone. This is used to generate a one-time password (OTP). The software token requires a local password and it is self defined by the user. This password is required anytime the user wants to generate a token (pass code).

Click Icon of Token Form Token Form (603.2 KiB) to Download Diamond Token Application Form

To activate your Hardware Token

Step 1: Press the play button at the bottom right of the device you have received to turn it ON

Step 2: PIN --- Enter the 4 digits activation PIN above

Step 3: NEW PIN --- Choose any 4 digits PIN of your choice (This is your Token password/PIN for OTP generation)

Step 4: CONF PIN --- Reconfirm your chosen 4 digits PIN (screen presents you with a message APPL 1)

Step 5: Press key 1 to generate 6 digits OTP for your Log In

With your password, you can always obtain your one-time pass code (OTP) any time you need to log into your Internet banking account.

To generate a Token from your Hardware to Login to Diamond Online Banking, use the steps below

Step 1: Press the play button at the bottom right of the device to SWITCH ON your token

Step 2: Enter your 4 digit password/PIN - screen presents you with a message APPL 1

Step 3: Press key 1 a 6 digits OTP is generated (Token ID for Log In)

Please note that your Token would be automatically locked after 5 wrong PIN inputs. In the event of a Token lock, kindly send a mail to complaints@diamondbank.com

Step 1- Request for your Diamond Software Token Activation Details at any Diamond Bank Branch, by email to enquiries@diamondbank.com or by calling our 24 hour Contact Centre. Once request is made, your token activation details will be sent via SMS to your registered phone number.

Step 2- Visit your device App Store, search for "Diamond Token", download and install on your device (Blackberry App World for Blackberry devices, Google Play Store for Android devices or iTunes for Apple devices).

Step 3- Click on the software token icon to open token for activation, then input the token activation details in the spaces provided and click 'OK'.

Step 4- Click on OTP, input your password to generate a token.

How to use your software Token:

Step 1: Load your software Token

Step 2: Select and click on One Time Password

Step 3: Put in your local password and click your phone ok button- OTP appears.

Please note that your Software Tokens would generate invalid OTP after 3 wrong PASSWORD inputs. In the event of this, a reactivation process is required.

Reactivation/Reset of your Software Token - this option allows you to reset your software token when your local password has been forgotten.

Step 1: Load your Token application

Step 2: Go back 1 step to APPLICATIONS

Step 3: Select Settings

Step 4: Select REACTIVATE

Step 5: Select MANUAL

Step 6: Enter your Activation Code

Step 7: Enter your new local password (reactivation password not required)

Step 8: You have been unlocked and can use the Token to generate valid OTP now.

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