Browser Requirements

Security starts with your web browser. When you access Diamond Online Banking, your browser is checked by DIAMOND BANK to ensure that it meets our minimum requirements. You can protect yourself online by using an up-to-date browser with the most recent security updates.

To ensure the security of Diamond Online Banking, DIAMOND BANK supports the following browsers that use 128-bit encryption. Select one of the links below if you need to update your browser:

Microsoft Windows Vista, XP and 2000:
Firefox 3.x
Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 and later

Apple MacOS 10.4 and later:
Apple Safari 3.0 and later
Firefox 3.x


You must have JavaScript enabled on your browser to use DIAMOND BANK websites. We use JavaScript to make our websites easier to use.

How DIAMOND BANK uses cookies

DIAMOND BANK uses two types of cookies on our websites: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are used during a single website visit and are automatically deleted from your computer when you leave the site. Persistent cookies are used to track website activity over a longer period and remain on your computer until either you choose to delete them or they expire.

Session cookies perform several critical functions on DIAMOND BANK's websites. For example, they protect your security while you are using Diamond Online Banking by ensuring that nobody else can view your data while you are signed on. They are also used to ensure that you do not pay the same bill twice during a single banking session. Your web browser must allow session cookies in order for you to use Diamond Online Banking.

Persistent cookies are also used for a number of purposes on DIAMOND BANK's websites. They are used for your convenience to save your Diamond Online Banking personal preferences. For example, you must allow persistent cookies if you want your browser to remember your card number, your language preference and your default home page each time you sign on to Diamond Online Banking.

DIAMOND BANK also uses persistent cookies to collect analytical information about how visitors use our websites. For example, we may measure website usage, access to online services, and the level of interest in particular products. We use this information to improve our service and provide a better experience for visitors to our websites.

To gather this information, we use persistent cookies that track how a computer uses our websites and whether the computer has been used to sign on to Diamond Online Banking. Currently, we do not use cookies to collect information about identifiable individuals or use cookie information to offer products and services to individuals. If this changes in the future, we will update this section.

Another type of persistent cookie, known as a locally shared object, may be created by software applications running on your computer when viewing material such as Flash enabled videos on DIAMOND BANK websites. These files contain configuration information used by the software to present rich media on DIAMOND BANK websites. DIAMOND BANK does not use the information in locally shared objects for analytical or other purposes.

DIAMOND BANK never stores your personal financial information in cookies or uses cookies to track your internet use after you leave DIAMOND BANK websites.

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