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Madonna School Dormitory

Madonna School Dormitory

Community Investments at Madonna School Dormitory


Madonna School for the Handicapped Children

At the Madonna School for the Handicapped Children, in Okpanam, near Asaba in Delta State, the Bank identified with the acute accommodation shortage for students who had for six years been housed in a private home.

The award contract for the construction of a special dormitory for the pupils with special needs at the permanent site of the institution. The dormitory has the capacity to accommodate 88 of such handicapped children with their caregivers.

But it soon became obvious that the school lacked the funds to adequately equip the completed dormitory and so the Bank responded once more by furnishing the building with double bunk beds, mattresses, pillows, bed sheets and lock-up cupboards. Besides providing the structure, the Bank also ensures that the dormitory is maintained to avoid delapidation.

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