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In recent years, awareness of environmental issues and the impact we have on our environment has increased greatly. At Diamond bank, we recognize the immediate and potential threats posed by climate change and other environmental issues, and have taken steps to minimize our impact on our surroundings.

The bank's environmental policies cover two broad areas:


The direct impact of our own daily operations, which is governed by our Environmental and Social Footprint Policy


The bank's indirect impact on the environment in terms of responsible lending and financial inclusion, which is governed by our Environmental & Social Risk Management Policy

Diamond Bank's Environmental & Social Risk Management Framework (ESRMF) sets out the framework for consistent and systematic management of E&S risks at Diamond Bank.

The ESRMF establishes Diamond Bank's overall approach to E&S risk management, and comprises:


E&S Policy


ESMS Procedures


ESMS Sector Guidelines & Implementation Tools

Diamond Bank is committed to observing applicable laws and regulations, including where these apply to environmental protection and social issues. Diamond Bank has also signed the Nigeria Sustainable Banking Principles which commits the Bank to integrating E&S considerations into decision-making to avoid, minimize or mitigate negative impacts; to develop individual institutional and sector knowledge, and to assess and manage the E&S risks and opportunities associated with our business activities. The Bank further supports the Central Bank of Nigeria in its development and implementation of finance industry-wide standards.

Paper saving initiatives

The nature of our business is paper-intensive and Diamond bank is constantly looking for ways to minimize and manage the utilization of this resource. We have recently embarked on a two year campaign to reduce our paper use by 50% across the enterprise.

Energy Efficiency

In 2015, Diamond bank introduced the early closure for staff across its branches and head office locations in a bid to reduce our energy use in all our branches. In addition, all new branches are fitted with energy saving lightings and are built according to green building standards.