Are you or your company doing business internationally? Do you want to benefit from modern products and services linked with the servicing of your trade transactions?

imageDiamond Door to Door Service is an innovative import and export service which manages the entire trade business from inception (at the point of opening form M/ NXP) through to the end (at the point of delivery of goods to warehouse or factory).

This service is specially designed to cater for the full spectrum of foreign trade activities. It handles both financial and clearing needs and also local and off-shore transportation requirements of import and export transactions, making the entire trade process very simple while the customer stays focused on achieving his core business objectives.

Product Offerings:

  • Puts you in a better position to focus on your core business objectives while we handle the entire clearing process.
  • A premium service at an affordable price.
  • A one-stop service that reduces manpower or personnel required to manage the custome's import business.
  • An excellent nationwide delivery service that takes off the hassles related to the delivery of goods at factory or warehouse.
  • Prompt and reliable delivery to any location nationwide via well maintained trucks including the return of containers to respective shipping lines.

imageDiamond Trade Tracker is a trade document and transaction monitoring service by Diamond bank. It provides you with online real-time access to information on your international trade related transactions, enabling you manage these transactions conveniently from your office or anywhere on the globe.


  • Receive trade notifications via e-mail and SMS at every stage of your trade transactions.
  • Enquire on specific transactions using your Form M, BA, NXP or LC number.
  • Track and monitor trade documents and Letters of Credit online.
  • Generate and download reports on trade transactions.
  • View our resources centre for useful trade information.

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imageThe Diamond trade centre offers our customers trade advisory services and solutions which cover both the financial and logistical aspects of their supply chains. This is an international trade product and service centre which is focused on assisting our trade customers to achieve their business objectives. This is achieved by deploying the sector knowledge, technical expertise, experience and resources of the Diamond Bank Group to resolve all aspects of the customers supply chain management including the logistic and financial concerns at each stage of their trade transaction(s).


At the Diamond Trade centre, our team of experts provide our trade customers with trade products and services including advisory services which ensure that we;

  • Deploy the trade solution best suited for them
  • Choose the best financial structure, thus reducing their cost, enhancing their cash flow and ultimately maximizing profit
  • Are informed of new local and international regulations that affects them
  • Get market intelligence and stay ahead of their competition
  • Evaluate and redesign their international trade processes to enhance the efficiency of their import and export operations
  • Gain access to the best source of trade information in the industry
  • Have access to information on the export market (Market , product and business information)
  • Gain access to export financing facilities
  • Have access to the export market by handling the sale of the goods in the export market
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imageA guarantee is an irrevocable undertaking issued by a guarantor at the request of an applicant, to pay a beneficiary any amount that may be claimed by that beneficiary up to a maximum amount determined in the guarantee and upon presentation of complying documents. It can amongst other functions, be used to secure advance payments made under contract and provide security against non-performance of obligations in International Trade transactions. There are different types of guarantees. These include tender guarantees (bid bonds), performance guarantees, warranty guarantees, retention money guarantees, advance payment guarantees and payment guarantees.

This service supports custome's business by demonstrating her financial credibility and ability to meet contractual obligations.

A guarantee should provide for termination on either a specified date or following an indisputable event. The Bank is not party in any way to the underlying contract even if such is referred to in the guarantee. Guarantees can be for any amount and in any freely traded currency, subject to the agreement.

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imageA Letter of Credit is a definite undertaking of an importe's bank (issuing bank) to pay a supplier upon presentation of credit complying documents. It is the most secured payment method in International trade and is irrevocable. The guiding rule for Letters of Credit is UCP 600 (Uniform Custom Practice. Version 600).It can be Confirmed (Cash backed or Facility based) or Unconfirmed. Payments on Letters of Credit can be by sight, deferred payment, negotiation or acceptance of drafts. Banks only deal with documents and not the physical goods to which they relate.

The Bank offers Letter of Credit services. Our services are highly recommended for the following reasons:

  • Our network of branches and correspondent banks across the globe enable us to issue Letters of Credit to beneficiaries in virtually all parts of the world and in freely convertible currencies.
  • Our experienced Trade Sales and Operations team are always on ground to provide the required expertise to guide you on important aspects (application, issuance and payment) of Letters of Credit.
  • We maintain excellent levels of service quality in our Letter of Credit operations. Once you meet our issuance requirements, your Letter of Credit is transmitted offshore within 24 to 48 hours of receipt of your application.

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imageAn international trade transaction unlike a domestic transaction involves a longer period of time to conclude. This extended period can create financial strains on importers and exporters. While the exporter may require financial support to cope with the time lag between the procurement of raw materials, processing of same, shipment and eventual payment, the importer may require support to pay for imported goods pending when the imported goods can be processed further if required and sold in exchange for cash. The Bank can provide financial support to qualified customers to aid them in meeting their Trade obligations.

We offer trade financing under the following modes of payment:

  • PAYMENT IN ADVANCE: In Payment in Advance, the importer sources for fund not from official market(CBN/Interbank). The funds are remitted to the exporter before the goods and all necessary documents are shipped to importer/buyer. It is the most secure for the exporter and it provides the exporter with cash flow before shipment of goods. The importer bears the sellers risk and selle's country risk. Hence, in most cases it is treated as a cash and carry transaction to mitigate the risk.
  • BILLS FOR COLLECTION: This is a trade transaction that enables the seller to send goods to buyer and rely on the buye's bank to assist in collecting the payments against the acceptance of a bill of exchange drawn on the buyer by the seller. It provides a relatively cheap source of import finance and is usually used when the seller who trust the buye's ability to honor their payment liabilities. The Buye's bank does not bear any payment liability unless it fails to follow the selle's instructions as by the selle's bank. Governed by ICC Uniform Rules for Collections, Publication 522.
  • LETTERS OF CREDIT: Letter of credit is a definite undertaking by the issuing bank on behalf of an buyer (buyer) to effect payment against the presentation of a complying documents by a beneficiary (seller).It is the most secured payment method in international trade because at every point in time in the transaction cycle both the buyer and the beneficiary's risks are covered. It is irrevocable i.e. can neither be amended nor cancelled without the agreement of the issuing bank, the confirming bank, if any, and the beneficiary (Article 10 UCP 600).

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imageA documentary collection is a trade transaction in which the exporter hands over the task of collecting payment for goods supplied to his or her bank, which sends the shipping documents to the importe's bank together with payment instructions. A documentary collection (D/C) is so-called because the exporter receives payment from the importer in exchange for the shipping documents, with the funds and documents channeled through their respective banks.

It is also an arrangement whereby the exporter has agreed to sell to the importer upon acceptance of a bill of exchange that stipulates the specified date upon which payment is expected. The Bill of Exchange is a document that briefly states the underlying sales contract, the amount and the calculated credit days from the bill of lading when importer is expected to make payments to Exporter.

Bills for Collection is seen as a credit from the exporter to the importer and such credit offer is usually earned based on the number of years that both parties have been transacting.

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imageCommercial export as an international trade simply means the taking out goods in commercial quantity from one country to another. This could be done via land, air or sea shipment.

Commercial exports can be classified into two:

  • Oil export: crude oil and its constituents
  • Non-Oil export: ranges from manufactured products to solid minerals to agricultural produce and so on.

Payment for exported goods should be received within 180 days from the date of shipment of the goods for non-oil export and 90 days for oil- export.

The bank provides export services which include the following:

  • Advisory services
  • Handling and review of documents
  • Facilitation of payments(where shipping documents are processed through the Bank)

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