Institutional Banking

Our Institutional Banking clients are from both the public sector comprising sovereign State governments and Federal parastatals as well as the private sector.

Institutional Banking Business Division

  • General Commerce
  • Manufacturing
  • Naira current account services
  • Foreign currency accounts and transactions
  • Letters of Credit/Bills for Collections
  • International remittances and foreign currency payments electronic banking services
  • Diamond Online - Internet banking service
  • Overdrafts
  • Short- and medium term loans
  • Project lending
  • Leases
  • Bonds and guarantees
  • Deposit/Investment accounts
  • Batch payment system
  • Salary Administration Scheme

General Services

  • Pre Export Finance facilities
  • Workplace banking services for large corporates
  • Bespoke banking solutions
  • Value Chain support
  • Distributor financing
  • Supply chain financing

Additional Services


SMS notifications and alerts on all transactions


24/7 banking via Diamond Online and Diamond Mobile


24/7 contact centre

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