Infrastructure & Construction

The infrastructure and construction industries need specialised financial services and we can offer them. We are particularly supportive of ventures that improve and develop society as a whole, such as real estate, roads, water supply, transport and telecommunications.


SMS notifications and alerts on all transactions


24/7 banking via Diamond Online and Diamond Mobile


contact centre

Hotels and hospitality

  • Issuance of bonds and guarantees
  • Public private partnership (ppp)

Construction Unit

  • Project lending
  • Equipment lease lending
  • Commercial and residential real estate lending

Transport Unit

  • Aviation lending
  • Tanker lending
  • Jack-up bargeslending
  • Crew and supply boat lending
  • Merchant vessel lending
  • Working capital lending
  • Financial advisory services

Telecommunications Unit

  • Loan syndications and club deals
  • Mobile Network Operators lending
  • ICT and ISP project lending
  • Trade finance services
  • Treasury management services
  • Distributorship and supplier lending
  • OEM and infrastructure building lending
  • Funds management
  • Financial advisory services

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