Diamond Investment Notes

Diamond Investment Notes (DIN) are a special type of fixed deposit available to existing Diamond customers.


DIN Backend

Interest and principal payment at maturity

 Minimum tranche N5mn
 Customer limit N50mn
 Rate 10.5% p.a.
 Interest payment At maturity
 Principal payment At maturity
 Time period 180 or 365 days
 Pre-liquidation penalty Less than 6 months, interest will be forfeited
 Anytime from 6 months, only 50% interest  will be paid

DIN Monthly

Monthly payment of interest, but principal payment at maturity

 Minimum  tranche N5mn
 Customer limit N50mn
 Rate 10% p.a.
 Interest payment Monthly and at maturity
 Principal  payment At maturity
 Time period 180 or 365 days
 Pre-liquidation  penalty Loss of monthly interest already earned deducted from the  principal  before  payment

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