Low risk, safe return

Alternative investment option that ensures safety of capital and guaranteed interest on investments at a discount.



Treasury Bills

If you would like to invest your money at low risk, Treasury Bills will provide you with a level of confidence.

  • It is a risk free investment as it carries the guarantee of the Federal Government
  • T-bills are highly liquid instruments and can be used as collateral



Diamond Investment Note

Diamond Investment Notes (DIN) are a special type of fixed deposit available to existing Diamond customers.

  • Interest and principal payment at maturity
  • Monthly payment of interest, but principal payment at maturity



FGN Bonds

FGN Bonds are debt instruments issued by the Federal Government of Nigeria as a vehicle to raise funds for capital projects

  • It serves as risk-free investment as it is guaranteed by the Federal Government
  • The interest income is tax exempt
  • It is highly liquid and can be used as collateral