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Diamond Business Advantage has been designed to add value to your micro, small and medium scale business so you can grow your enterprise with smart banking

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Dba Segments Minimum Opening Amount Subscription Fee Segment Monthly Debit Turnover Limit Penalty For Cash Deposit Or Monthly Debit Above Limit
BASIC (Micro) N¦10,000 N¦5,000 N¦2,000 N¦4M 0.3%
Growing (Small) N¦15,000 N¦10,000 N¦4,000 N¦12M 0.3%
Established (Medium) N¦30,000 N¦25,000 N¦7,500 N¦50M 0.3%
  1. These fees will be waived if the customer maintains a minimum balance of N1mill throughout the month*.
  2. *Penalty is only applied on the excess above the turnover limit.*
  3. *Customers can unsubscribed from the product with no penalty*



The Diamond Business Clinic is the advisory component of the bank’s Emerging Businesses Proposition. The Business Clinic’s aim is to bridge the functional managerial capacity gap that exists in Emerging businesses. Through these business clinics, participants (customers) obtain tailor-made solutions to their business challenges by meeting with experts/successful entrepreneurs on a one-on-one basis to discuss their specific areas of business challenges and concerns. They consequently become better managers of their businesses and ultimately better customers.

As at December 2017, Diamond bank's effort to improve management capacity in small businesses includes 63 business seminars that have been held in commercial cities across Nigeria’s 6 geopolitical zones. The central theme of these seminars is to educate promoters of small enterprises on best practices for success delivered by proven entrepreneurs with a track record of organic growth of their business. The forum also creates networking opportunities for micro, small and medium businesses.
We have further enhanced our delivery of these seminars to be Modular. The modules covered in each region will comprise 5 specific business topics considered critical to the running of their enterprises. Each seminar would teach participants one of the 5 business topics.

The general public can attend our business seminars free. Watch out for our adverts in the newspapers.
Seminars are held in various locations all over the country

The Emerging Businesses Propositions team is set to develop and deliver the Emerging Businesses advisory helpdesk in line with the 2016 Emerging Businesses strategy. The business initiative is targeted at micro, small and medium enterprises and its objective are to provide information to Emerging Businesses. Information provided here includes:

  1. Emerging Businesses newsletters on industry trends
  2. Ideas on best marketing strategy.
  3. Industry-specific information
  4. Guidance on how to structure better cash flows
  5. Counseling on business planning.
  6. Marketing strategy and other business clinic related topics.

Other useful topics would include:

  • How do you register your business?
  • Common legal & tax matters facing Emerging Businesses & quick resolutions
  • Structural challenges of an Emerging Businesses & quick answers?
  • Common corporate governance issues faced by an Emerging Business?

This will be carried out after due one-on-one phone consultations or e-mail exchange with the customer and would typically require the administrators to possess some level of wide industry exposure such as specialized skill set and good knowledge of the marketplace.
Sometimes, customers may require further referral to our supporting consultants to diagnose and proffer the right solutions. To this end, we have decided to deliver the advisory helpdesk services via the contact center platform where we would be riding on the existing infrastructures and have calls screened or filtered before being directed to the helpdesk.
For tracking and monitoring purposes, the service desk would require a basic Customer Relationship Management tool where last discussions with a customer would be captured for accessibility in the event of a need for further future discussions with different resource persons. There would also be a need for an automated log-in and tracking of customer complaints until fully resolved, similar to the existing process for the complaints management system.

Access to markets for their products and services is a major challenge for most small & growing businesses. Diamond access to market offering provide platforms that enable market linkages, increased referral base & networks that enable small enterprise scale the hurdle of accessing new markets for their products.
Networking sessions such as Diamond Business Club enable MSME customer expand their referral base through interacting with other MSMEs in a lounge setting.
Access to internet services (website creation) the web has since become a powerful tool to access market beyond the proximity of enterprises. Diamond has negotiates for huge discounts from solution providers and makes same available to its MSME customers.
Linkages and partnerships with organizations such as IFC, SMEDAN, DFID, USAID, MCF, BET, multinational corporations and large local corporates & conglomerates are aggressively sought to create value chain linkages, pool funds for financing, reduce high interest rates, lower business risk, improve business climate, improve business processes and improve management capacity of small business promoters.

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