Diamond E-Bills Pay

The e-Bills Pay is a service that allows real-time processing of transactions and the receipt of immediate value for our customers and their clients. It is a service powered by NIBSS (Nigeria Inter-Bank Settlement System).



  • Instant Receipt of payment irrespective of the bank in Nigeria payment was made from
  • Instant Receipt of value and services paid for by the clients
  • Available at all Nigerian banks
  • Availability of Multiple channels of payment & Online/Branch
  • Instant notification for successful payments
  • Secure and Protected service supported by NIBSS robust platform


  • Instant Receipt of payments made by their customers
  • Their services now have a wider reach as payments can be made by their customers to them from any Nigerian bank
  • Their customers can make payments to them conveniently using multiple channels & Online, Branch
  • They receive Instant notifications once payments made are successful
  • The service is Cost effective to them as no enrollment fee is required
  • Real-time and Historical Reports are available to them