A simple, secure and cost effective means of moving cash.

  • Value is received within 24hrs
  • Accessed at any Diamond Bank branch or on the Internet Banking Service
  • Available at the branch till 4p.m on week days

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Diamond Pay

Diamond Pay is a web-based e-payment solution that allows organizations to make multiple payments for staff salaries, vendor/supplier payments, bills, utilities and other remittances.

  • Real-time payments across banks
  • Multi-level of Verification and Approval workflow.
  • Payments can be made from anywhere in the world.


Diamond Instant Payments

Diamond Instant Payments allows the receipt or transfer of funds to any bank account in Nigeria and the beneficiary receives value within seconds.

  • On-line real-time transfer of funds.
  • Transfers are between accounts irrespective of the type of account or bank.
  • Available 24hours a day


Diamond NEFT

This is an electronic payments service that allows single or multiple payments to any bank account in Nigeria.


Diamond RTGS

This allows transfer of single and large payments to any bank account in Nigeria with beneficiaries receiving value within 2hours.

  • It is only available at the branch and on weekdays
  • Transfers are between accounts irrespective of the type of account or bank
  • Must be processed before 2p.m on weekdays


Diamond NAPS

Diamond NAPS enables you to initiate payments and beneficiaries will receive funds within 24 hours in any bank account in Nigeria.

  • Seamless Inter-Bank funds transfer
  • Account validation at the point of payment
  • Instant notification via e-mail and SMS alerts


Diamond Direct Debit Service

The Direct Debit Service is a cash-less form of financial settlement which facilitates "regular in nature" payments.

  • Efficient and Timely Collection
  • Reliable and cost-effective method to manage the financial commitments of the payer
  • Eliminates delays associated with clearing days of cheques



The KongaPay service is being implemented by the bank as an alternative to use of cards or cash payments for goods and services purchased via website.

  • Convenience in making payments for goods and services purchased on website
  • Refund of fraudulent transactions as Fraud Guaranty Funds (FGF) are provided by Konga.Com


Diamond E-Bills Pay

The e-Bills Pay is a service that allows real-time processing of transactions and the receipt of immediate value for our customers and their clients.

  • Instant Receipt of payment irrespective of the bank in Nigeria payment was made from
  • Instant Receipt of value and services paid for by the clients
  • Available at all Nigerian banks


Bills & Utility Payments

Our Bills & Utility Payment Services provide organizations the opportunity to make payments for different kinds of bills and utility payments.

  • On-line real time network availability
  • Effect transfers and communicate on a timely basis with other member banks locally
  • Instant receipts and notifications for every payment