Mediloan Quality Care

Mediloan QualityCare is a loan offering for the healthcare sector. Beneficiaries of this product are the clinics in the primary and secondary healthcare, Pharmacy and Medical Laboratory.

The product goes beyond financing the purchase of brand new fixed assets to provision of technical assistance from SafeCare. The beneficiaries get certificate at every level of appraisal.



  • Must have been in business for 2 years
  • Must have proper health care registration including relevant documentation
  • Must service at least 10 customers per day.
  • Must have a wide selection of customers and not exclusively focused on affluent


  • Lending of upto N3M ith insurance on stock, and credit life insurance as cover.
  • Acquisition of new fixed assets and renovation, extension, or expansion of existing business premises
  • Borrowing up to 350m
  • Tenor of up to 60 months
  • Equity contribution as low as 20%(for equipment purchase)
  • Loan can be re-administered after total repayment.


  • Discounted interest rate of 23%
  • Support towards quality improvement via Free SafeCare Quality Program (as certified by the Medical Credit Fund (MCF)
  • Support towards improved financial record keeping, inventory management & patient registration
  • Access to affordable composite business loans to cater for;
  • Capacity building (training towards meeting SafeCare Quality Standards) / Working Capital, equipment finance, renovation and expansion etc.
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