Financing Options

Diamond Bank offers access to short and medium term financing for working capital & asset purchase needs with reduced collateral requirements. These loan products are as follows;

Local Purchase Order (LPO)

Local Purchase Order (LPO) finance & is a short term finance facility to MSME customers to carry out supply requests. The supply order must come from only pre-approved institutions by Diamond Bank Plc


Mediloan is a Partnership between Diamond bank and USAID (United States Agency for International
Development), that has developed a credit Scheme focused on businesses operating specifically in the health care sector.

Import finance

Import finance - offers credit facilities to MSME customers who require finance for importing either raw materials or finished goods for sale. It also offers short term credit facilities to these importers for the purpose of duty payment.

Revolving Creidt

Revolving Credit is a Line of Credit / Term loan for short-term financing (max. 1 year)

Contract Finance

Contract finance - is a short term finance facility for the execution of contracts from Diamond Bank's approved list of companies. Finance is available for a variety of legitimate contracts awarded by government agencies and reputable private organizations in the country operating in the different sectors and contracts with varying levels of complexity.

Installment Loan

Instalment Loan is a Term Loan for fixed assets financing available for up to 3 years

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