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Our objective is to ensure all bank customers have access to financial services more conveniently and in a cost effective manner.

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Scan-Pay-Go. Accept payment conveniently and securely using the Diamond mVisa.

mVisa makes payment possible between buyer and seller by scanning what is known as a Quick Response Code (QR Code) which is a mobile phone readable bar code. This transfers money directly from the buyer’s account to the seller’s account and notifies both parties of the transaction via e-mail and an alert on the mVisa app.

How to get started as a Payment

  • Visit any Diamond bank branch to register.
  • A merchant welcome pack will be sent to you.
  • Download the Diamond mVisa merchant app and login with the merchant details that will be sent to you.

Strong network connectivity – Leverages on signal strength of the Payer’s mobile device

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An online payment solution that facilitates payment for goods and services on Merchant’s website (seller) by cardholders (Verve, Visa and MasterCard and E-transact), also allows direct payments from Bank accounts to accommodate customers who are averse to using their cards for online payments.

  • User-friendly interface
  • Access to online real-time transaction monitoring
  • Instant transaction status notification
  • Easy reconciliation of settlement with approved transactions
  • Accepts all local card types
  • Account transfer option for all Banks connected with NIBSS Central Pay
  • Safe and secure e-commerce platform
  • Grow your customer base due to wider reach online
  • One-off integration fee

Central pay Plus

A NIBSS Internet payment gateway in conjunction with the bank, that allows Customers make payments for goods and Services using Debit/ Credit cards (Verve, Visa and MasterCard and E-transact) as well as account to account transfers on our Merchant’s websites.

A Point of Sale (POS) terminal is a portable electronic device that abridges payment for value between a cardholder and a merchant. The POS accepts payments by processing information stored on the smart chip (or magnetic stripe) of a payment card.


Would you like the convenience of being able to pay on the move? Wherever your busy day takes you, Diamond mPOS offers you a convenient way of accepting payments using the one item you never leave home without - your cell phone.

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Now you can accept payment for goods and services from customers and receive instant settlement using the Diamond mCash. No need to carry a device. No worries about network and data.

Diamond mCash uses a string of USSD codes to accept payment for goods and Services from all Banks.


No device required.

Instant setup.

Accepts payment from all Bank accounts.

Instant settlement for all purchases- Transactions are settled as NIP transactions

Inventory management- Transaction report available for all merchants

Strong network connectivity – Leverages on signal strength of the Payer’s mobile device

Diamond CLOSA is our agency banking channel where customers have access to financial services through the Bank’s authorized partners (Agents)

With Diamond CLOSA, customers are afforded the opportunity to carry out transactions within their neighbourhood without visiting a bank branch.


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  • Open Account
  • Deposit
  • Cash Withdrawal
  • Fund Transfer
  • Check Balance
  • Cash Balance
  • Bills Payment
  • Buy Airtime

  • Own an existing business with good patronage
  • A visible business location which is easily accessible
  •  Minimum working capital of N50,000
  •  Complete Agent registration form and execute agreement
  •  Valid identification – Voter’s card, Driver’s License, International Passport, National ID card
  •  Any regulatory information as required (e.g. Business registration documents)
  •  Have at least one support staff in your business
  •  Minimum of 12 months business experience in same location

Who can transact at a Diamond Closa Agent?

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What will I get as evidence for transactions processed at the Agent's location?


How will I identify a genuine Diamond Closa Agent?


What are the benefits of transacting through a Diamond Closa Agent?


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