You can purchase airtime for any network directly from your Diamond account. Simply dial *937*amount# from your phone, no data required!

Self-top-up Service

Simply dial *937*amount# from your registered phone number with the Bank (e.g. *937*1000#) to buy airtime
Airtime top-up has never been this easy! To get started:

1.    Dial *937*Amount# from the phone number registered to your Diamond Bank account
2.    A list of all your account numbers would be displayed on your screen
3.    Select your preferred account by entering the corresponding number on the displayed list (this comes up at every transaction)
4.    Select OK or Confirm to conclude
Your selected Diamond Account will be debited and your mobile phone, recharged immediately with airtime.

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  1. It’s quick and simple to use
  2. Airtime can be bought 24/7
  3. The Top-up process is instant

Points to note

  1. The phone number dialing the code MUST be the number registered with Diamond Bank
  2. The service is available to all major Networks (GLO, MTN, Airtel and Etisalat)
  3. The money is deducted directly from your Diamond account
  4. This service has a daily limit of N3,000
  5. You have the option of selecting any of your naira accounts linked to that registered phone number.

1. What is USSD?  (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) USSD is sometimes referred to as "Quick Codes".
It is a Global System for Mobile (GSM) communication technology that allows for the transmission of information through a GSM network, which requires no internet/data access.

2. What is the Diamond Bank USSD service all about? It is a USSD service that allows customers to top up their registered phone numbers through their Diamond Bank account with a unique and uniform service code for all major Networks anytime anywhere.

3. Do I need to download any application to access USSD based Mobile banking?
No, you can access the USSD service by dialing *937*Amount# and a secure session will commence.

4. What else do I require to enjoy this service?
All you need is a Diamond Bank account and to dial *937*Amount# from the phone number you have maintained on the account.

5. How secure is USSD Mobile Banking?
The Diamond Bank USSD Banking is very secure. For every top up transaction to be successful, the requesting phone number must match with the number maintained on the customer’s BVN profile. If there is a mismatch between the phone number (maintained in the Bank) and with BVN, the top up transaction will not be successful.

6. Do I need to visit a Diamond Bank branch to register for USSD banking?
No, registration is done with your GSM phone as long as you have a Diamond Bank account.

7. Are there any limits on USSD banking transactions?
A customer is allowed to top up the transaction limit - N3, 000 daily (Three Thousand Naira).

8.  If I am already registered to existing mobile banking, do I get auto enrolled to USSD Mobile banking?  Yes, but this service is limited to Retail customers only.

9.  Will the USSD affect my Push/Pull and beneficiaries set up via the existing Mobile banking service?
No, current Mobile banking services will continue.

10.  How can I deactivate my service if I have lost my mobile handset?
You can deactivate your USSD service by calling our Contact Centre line on 0700 3000 000, or you can visit the nearest Diamond Bank.

11. How do I activate my USSD service?
You can also activate your USSD service by calling our Call Centre on 0700 3000 000, or you can visit the nearest Diamond Bank.

12.  What if I change my mobile number?
You need to update your new mobile number in the bank records by visiting the nearest Diamond Bank branch to submit a written instruction.

13. Will I get value instantly after topping up?
Airtime value are instant for the below Telco.
•    MTN
•    Airtel
•    Glo
•    Etisalat

14. Is there a charge for using the USSD service?
The USSD service is free of charge irreespective of your Telcos.

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