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Money Transfer Services

Money Transfer Services

Diamond has a range of money transfer services to cover all your needs whether you need to transfer/receive money locally or internationally.

Customers and non-customers may make use of our branches; however only Diamond customers registered on Diamond Online and Diamond Mobile services may use their mobile phones and the internet banking platform to
make a transfer.

*Non account holders transfer limit is ₦100,000 per day.

Send and receive money at your convenience with our Diamond Money Transfer services. You can carry out this service with our internet banking service - Diamond Online or with our mobile banking service - Diamond Mobile or at any Diamond branch.

  • Senders do not need to have an account to initiate Money transfer to Recipients.
  • Beneficiaries can receive transferred funds in cash or have it credited into their account.

*The transfer limit non-account holders is pegged at N100, 000 per day*

Transferring money with your mobile

If you subscribe to the Diamond Mobile Banking service you can use your mobile to transfer money to beneficiaries in Diamond and or to walk-in customers who do not have accounts with us.


  • Safe and secured
  • Convenient
  • Low cost of transaction

This is an international money transfer service which enables individuals all over the world to send and receive money quickly and conveniently.

Beneficiaries can receive money transferred in cash or credited into accounts. This service is open to both account holders and non-account holders of the bank.

Diamond Bank pays Western Union without delay in local currency (Naira) and our friendly will deliver prompt and excellent service.


  • Funds can be received from any branch of Diamond Bank.
  • No fees are paid by the receiver or beneficiary.
  • Safe and secured means of transfer

Requirements for Payment

  • The Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN)
  • Expected Amount (+/- 10% allowance)
  • Acceptable means of identification (Nigerian Driver’s license, International passport, Permanent Voter’s Card, NIMC ID card, Nigerian National ID card, Bank Verification Number (BVN)
  • Sender's name and country (city to be included for transfers coming from the US and Mexico)
  • The Receiver's name, address and phone number.
  • Test Question and Answer if applicable.

MoneyGram is the second largest global International Money Transfer Organization that offers both inbound and outbound money transfer services.

These services are open to existing customers of the Bank and non-account holders.

It is available in all Diamond Bank branches nationwide.


  • It is fast, convenient, safe and a secured means of transfer.
  • Funds can be sent and received from any branch of Diamond Bank
  • Customers can send or receive money from over 200 countries worldwide.

Requirements for Payment

To receive MoneyGram, beneficiary must complete a Receive form providing the information below:

  • A Valid means of identification
  • The Reference number.(This will be inputted on a security Pin pad that is available in all our branches)
  • Receiver’s first and last name
  • Expected Amount
  • Sender’s address
  • Sender’s first and last name
  • Purpose of Transaction

Requirements to Send

To send MoneyGram, customer must provide a duly completed Send form with the following information below:

  • Sender’s first and last name.
  • A valid means of identification
  • Sender’s home address, street, City/Town.
  • Amount to be sent.
  • Receiver’s address (City and Country)
  • Source of Funds
  • Purpose of transfer
  • Receiver’s Name ( As it appears on the receivers means of identification)

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