High Interest Deposit Account

HIDA is a special deposit account designed for individuals who are saving for a project or wish to keep away some funds for the rainy day while fully maximizing credit interest earned on their savings. HIDA encourages real savings in that it does not come with a debit card thereby discouraging frequent withdrawals.

HIDA customers enjoy tiered interest rates, meaning the larger the balance, the higher the interest earned. Interest earned per annum accrues daily on available credit balance and is payable monthly.
To enjoy high interest rate on your savings, open a HIDA account today with a minimum of ₦100,000


Here is why it could be right for you

  • You earn highly competitive interest rates per annum on your available balances payable monthly. This simply means the more you save the more you earn:
    • Less than ₦100,000 –  2% p.a.
    • ₦100,000 – ₦999,999 – 4.5% p.a.
    • ₦1,000,000 – ₦4,999,999 – 5.0% p.a.
    • ₦5 million and above – 6.0% p.a.
  • Gives you the convenience and flexibility of depositing cash, other banks cheques, and dividend warrants at any of our branches.
  • Enjoy 2 free withdrawals without forfeiture of credit interest payment on available balances maintained.
  • Encourages saving culture and does not come with a debit card
  • Convenience of being able to transfer money between your own Diamond Bank accounts in the branch, online, or over the phone (if you are registered for Diamond online and Diamond mobile)

What you need to sign up for this account

Basic, simple and easy to get documents:

1. One (1) passport photograph

2. Personal Identification (Any of these)

  • Current National Passport
  • Driver's License
  • National ID Card
  • Voters' ID Card
  • National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) Card
  • Employer confirmation (if employer is well known and undoubted) by way of written letter. In the case of students, identity card of reputable universities shall suffice
  • Identity card of a reputable organization (if employers are well known and undoubted)
  • Letter of introduction from an existing customer (Note: The existing customer shall accompany the prospect to the branch to be identified as a guarantor)
  • Resident Permit (for foreign nationals only)

 3. Address verification: (Any of these)

  • Utility bill (PHCN, NITEL, etc.)

Apply Now

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