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Oil, Gas & Power

Our Energy, Oil, Gas and Power division uses its detailed and comprehensive industry knowledge to provide you with the highest quality strategic and financial advisory services acrossthe breadth of banking products and services.

  • Lending based services
    • Project lending
    • Reserve based lending
    • Working capital lending
    • Asset based lending(Object Finance)
    • Finance leases
    • Contract or purchase order lending
  • Funds Management Services
  • Advisory Services
  • E-Banking Solutions

Additional Services

  • SMS notifications and alerts on all transactions
  • 24/7 banking via Diamond Online and Diamond Mobile
  • 24/7 contact centre

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Power Desk

  • Power plant construction lending
  • Funding for the upgrade of existing plants
  • Structured lending
  • Project lending
  • Salary administration


Existing Plants

  • Structured lending
  • Project lending
  • Salary administration


Maritime & Oil Servicing

  • Oil tanker lending
  • Jack-up barges and rigs lending
  • Crew and supply boat lending
  • Working capital lending
  • Financial advisory services


Oil and Gas Downstream

  • Trade lending
  • Project and asset lending
  • Structured lending
  • Purchase order lending
  • Trade advisory services
  • FX derivative products

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