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Diamond Mobile

Bank on your mobile
We are putting your bank in your hands. Bank using SMS on your mobile and access all your basic banking transactions. It convenient, secure, cost effective and gives you 24 hour banking.

  • Check your account balance
  • Transfer funds between your accounts
  • Perform third party transfers
  • Send money to non-account holders
  • Stop cheques and more
  • Transfer funds to accounts in other banks in Nigeria ( Instant transfer)


Keeping your money safe

  • Your PIN is tied to your mobile phone number
  • Keep your PIN safe and don't tell it to anyone


Get banking

  • Once your Diamond Mobile banking is activated you will be sent a four-digit PIN by SMS
  • Every time you bank on your mobile you will need to enter your PIN
  • You can bank using SMS or using the Diamond Mobile application

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SMS Banking

  • Use the SMS table below to send a pre-formatted SMS to our mobile banking servers
  • Mobile banking numbers
    • 0803 535 4177 / 4301
    • 00808 DIAMOND (0808 342 6663)

S/N Transaction Description Syntax Format
1    Balance Get your latest balance PIN.BALANCE.ACCNO
2 Mini statement Have a look at your last 5 transactions PIN.TRANSACTIONS.ACCNO
3 Exchange rates Find out the exchange rate with other currencies PIN.RATES.ACCNO
5 Confirm Cheque Cheque confirmation PIN.CONFIRMCHEQUE.ACCNO.CHQNO
6 Stop Cheque Stop cheques PIN.STOPCHEQUE.ACCNO.CHQNO
7 New Cheque Book Request a new cheque book to be delivered to your branch PIN.NEWCHEQUE.ACCNO.LEAVES
Uncleared Effects See how much money is uncleared in your account PIN.UNCLEARED.ACCNO
Funds Transfer Transfer funds into one of your linked Diamond accounts PIN.FUNDS.ACCNO.TOACCNO.AMOUNT
10 Mobile Money Transfer Transfer money to someone else PIN.MMT.ACCNO.BENEFICIARYNAME.AMOUNT
11 Interest Rate Find out the latest interest rates on our products PIN.INTERESTRATES.ACCOUNT

Mobile banking application

  • Download the JAVA mobile banking application on your mobile and bank with interactive simplicity
  • On your phone

Start your WAP browser and go to http://www.diamondbank.com/mobile/mobilebankerpro.jar
Follow the onscreen instructions to complete installation

  • On your computer

Start your browser and go to http://www.diamondbank.com/mobile/mobilebankerpro.jar
Transfer the file to your phone via infrared, Bluetooth or your phone's USB cable

  • From a friend

Someone else can send you the Mobile Banker PRO application from their handset via infrared or Bluetooth

To subscribe
Download your application form
Submit your completed form at any Diamond branch nationwide
Or call 0700 300 0000700 300 0000 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information

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