Diamond Bank RSS Please select an article from the news topic below http://www.diamondbank.com Tue, 06 Oct 2015 01:44:31 +0000 Open Source Excellence RSS Feeder en-gb Future of Africa’s Economy lies on Digital Mobile Technology – Diamond Bank CEO http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/643-future-of-africa-s-economy-lies-on-digital-mobile-technology-diamond-bank-ceo http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/643-future-of-africa-s-economy-lies-on-digital-mobile-technology-diamond-bank-ceo Diamond Bank CEO, Uzoma Dozie, has hinged the sustainable growth and development of Africa’s economy, on the proper use of information technology (IT), saying that in this digital age, the massive deployment of IT tools, is a major panacea to the sluggish development on the continent. According to him, the internet, a major backbone of IT, has shrunken the world to a global business village, thereby altering the way businesses are transacted across continents; pointing that for African countries to catch up with the rest of the world, there is an urgent need to incorporate and optimize mobile technology in the respective countries daily economic activities.

Diamond Bank boss made this assertion at the Lagos Business School (LBS) Roundtable on “Leading by Empowering: Youth, Skills Training and Unemployment in a Changing Economy”, which held recently in Lagos. He stated that promoting regular and increased IT skills acquisition would not only act as an accelerant to sustainable industrial growth and development but will also ensure that there is sufficient supply of competent hands to match employers’ demands and a slope on the unemployment curve.

Drawing from his experience in online banking, Dozie stated that Nigeria’s financial services sub-sector has deployed and grown mobile technology to a level that most developed economies are yet to attain.

“Nigeria has one of the best payment systems in the world and this is enabled by our internet system which is one of the best in Africa. Over time, bank transactions have become easier compared to what they used to be in the time past and this is basically the result of improved internet banking in Nigeria. The implication of this growing trend is the increasing need for employable hands with requisite skills”.

He noted that there has been a paradigm shift that has made the acquisition of IT skills an imperative for business growth in Nigeria. According to him, the biggest problem for businesses in Nigeria is not capital, as there are many organizations out there with available funds for businesses, but lack of information on how to access these funds remains a big challenge.

“The knowledge of technology and how it works has become imperative for businesses to grow in Nigeria. However there is an erroneous assumption that lack of capital is the biggest problem that businesses, especially startup entrepreneurs face, whereas our findings show that lack of information and how to access this information which are in abundance on the internet is the real challenge. There are many organizations out there willing to give funds to startups but they have little or no knowledge of how and where to access those funds”.

One of the key messages that stood out during the CEO Roundtable was the need to emphasize skills acquisition in different sectors of the economy and de-emphasize paper qualifications that have little or no bearing on employability.

Reacting to this call for a shift from paper qualification to relevant and up-to-date employable skills, Diamond Bank CEO stated that one of the major recurring decimal, is the high number of educated but unskilled persons seeking for employment, and needs a lot of retraining to be useful in an organization.

 “As a leading retail bank in Nigeria, our customer base comprises different categories of customers with a large chunk of whom are in the market place with little education and we have consistently discovered that reaching them with our services requires different kinds of skills which do not come from the four walls of a classroom.”

According to him, to deal with this challenge, Diamond Bank has been able to assist employees develop the requisite skills to enable them communicate with those target customers.

Other important factors identified by the panel during the CEO Roundtable session in developing and achieving competent manpower for the economy include, synergy among corporate organizations, taking the training and skills acquisition initiatives beyond the cities to the hinterlands, and bringing glamour into farming and teaching which employs a significant number of the labour force in the country.

The CEO Roundtable on Sustainability is an initiative of the Lagos Business School aimed at bringing CEOs from leading corporate organizations in Nigeria to share their insights on the different strategies they have introduced to empower Nigerian youths.

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Diamond Bank Introduces Magic Cash http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/638-diamond-bank-introduces-magic-cash http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/638-diamond-bank-introduces-magic-cash Diamond Bank is set to excite its customers with Magic Cash, another value-added service that will give accountholders access to its Automated Teller Machines (ATMs).


Magic Cash works with the mobile phone; it is a no-cheque, no-withdrawal slip and no-debit card financial transaction that gives customers easy access to draw cash from any of the bank’s ATMs anytime. It relieves customers the burden and frustration associated with the sudden loss or misplacement of the debit card and gives seamless access to their respective accounts to pay bills, make withdrawals and transfers.


Speaking on the new product, Ayona Trimnell, Divisional Head, Corporate Communications stated that the introduction of Magic Cash will revolutionize financial transactions in Diamond Bank and the financial industry generally, as the unique service removes the burden, frustration and hassle that customers go through when they are in dire need of cash to meet emergencies but could not lay their hands on their debit cards or any of the instruments that would give them access to their funds.


“With Magic Cash, you have unhindered access to draw cash from your account or other transactions. We are pleased to introduce this revolutionary service in Diamond Bank.”


Speaking further, she stated that with the introduction of this innovative solution to the Nigerian banking space, Diamond Bank once again demonstrates its commitment to be at the forefront in offering technological solutions that make banking an exciting, convenient and secure experience for customers.


According to her, all that a customer need to do to access cash is to “send ATM to 30811 from the registered mobile phone number in any of the mobile networks that is maintained on the account and the transaction magic code will be generated for seamless access to any of the ATMs in the country”.


The Bank earlier in the year, introduced the Touch ID Feature on its Diamond Mobile App, a fingerprint reader that allows users of the Mobile App an easy and seamless login to their accounts by simply recognizing and identifying their individual fingerprints.  With these technological innovations, Diamond Bank has consolidated its position as the most innovative Bank that is progressively changing the face of banking in Nigeria with best-in-class customer-focused solutions.

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ABDULRAHMAN YINUSA BOWS OUT FROM DIAMOND BANK http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/634-abdulrahman-yinua http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/634-abdulrahman-yinua Diamond Bank Plc has announced the resignation of its Executive Director/Chief Financial Officer, Abdulrahman Yinusa from the Board of Directors of the Bank.

According to a statement made available by the Bank to journalists at the Nigerian Stock Exchange, “The resignation becomes effective after his garden leave which commenced on Monday, August 3, 2015.”

Abdulrahman Yinusa joined the Bank in February 2011 as ED/CFO with responsibilities over Financial Management Division, Business Transformation Group, Treasury and Financial Institutions as well as Investor Relations Unit. Under his watch, the Bank completed Tier 1 and Tier 2 Capital raise as well as the issuance of $200 million Eurobond loan.

Abdulrahman functioned as the Executive Director, Finance and Strategy in Finbank (a CBN appointment) prior to joining Diamond Bank. Before that, he was the Managing Director/CEO of United Bank for Africa subsidiary in Sierra Leone; and prior to that, he was the Managing Director/CEO of UBA Asset Management Limited, where he launched four Mutual Funds within the two years of his tenor. He has over two decades of quality banking experience. Abdulrahman holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Ahmadu Bello University and M.Sc. Economics and MBA degrees from the University of Lagos.

Concluding, the statement said, “Mr. Yinusa has indicated his intention to pursue other interests and opportunities, and the board has accepted his resignation and wishes him success in his future endeavours.”

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DIAMOND BANK PLC SUSTAINS GROWTH IN REVENUE http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/632-diamond-bank-plc-sustains-growth-in-revenue http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/632-diamond-bank-plc-sustains-growth-in-revenue Despite the tough operating business environment, Diamond Bank’s half year (H1) results demonstrated its ability to sustain growth in the top lines. Accordingly, the Bank posted a 6% YoY growth in gross revenue from N96.8bn in H1 2014 to N103.0bn in the six months period ended June 30, 2015. This is as reported in the Bank’s Unaudited H1 Results released to the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) and made available to financial and capital market correspondents in Lagos, Nigeria.


Speaking from the Bank’s Corporate Head Office in Lagos, the Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Uzoma Dozie, said that the Bank’s continued success in spite of regulatory headwinds, is hinged on implementing strategies that promote sustainable growth and profitability in the long term.

A review of the financial results for the period indicates that although, its PAT of N12.2 billion was lower than its 2014 position of N13.8bn, the Bank’s capital adequacy ratio surged to 18.6 per cent, in excess of the Central Bank of Nigeria’s (CBN) required minimum, signposting the bank’s preparedness for profitable business expansion. According to the Bank’s CEO, “our innovative, customer friendly services, and retail banking strategy are showing positive results and will enable us to sustain low cost of funds. In the quarters ahead, we will focus on driving non-interest income, as we continue to explore opportunities to grow our market share responsibly. We shall expand customer relationships, enhanced by our elaborate channels and excellent service delivery”

The Group continues to deploy new technologies and digital applications to drive financial inclusion and convenient banking amidst a decline in the pace of economic activities and weak economic fundamentals. Although loans to customers increased by N2.6 billion, customer deposits, however, declined from N1.5 trillion to N1.4 trillion, reflecting the impact of the bank’s deliberate decision to improve the efficiency of its funding structure, and effect of implementation of Treasury Single Account (TSA) by the Federal Government and the Central Bank of Nigeria.


The Bank’s focus remains on retail banking and providing convenient and easy banking to the micro, small and medium-scale enterprises (MSME) segment. The bank has, however, continued to grow its corporate and mid-tier business segments. According to the CEO, the concept of value chain management helps us to provide end-to-end solution to the distributors of our corporate clients and ultimately improve value for both us and the customers.

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DIAMOND BANK UNVEILS BET5, OFFERS N15M GRANT TO SUCCESSFUL MSMES http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/631-diamond-bank-unveils-bet5-offers-n15m-grant-to-successful-msmes http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/631-diamond-bank-unveils-bet5-offers-n15m-grant-to-successful-msmes Diamond Bank Plc has announce the launch of Season 5 of the Building Entrepreneurs Today (BET5) programme, a Corporate Social Responsibility initiative aimed at enhancing the productive strength of Nigerian entrepreneurs through capacity building.  


The initiative, which is a core component of the Bank’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), enables each of the businesses that presents outstanding performance to receive N3 million grant that would be injected into their respective operations for expansion and product consolidation.


According to the Bank’s Head of Corporate Communications, Ayona Trimnell, the initiative is aimed at assisting MSME stakeholders gain up-to-date knowledge of business management through rigorous training and mentorship, which will empower them to run their respective businesses successfully and remain competitive in the marketplace.


“Since 2010, we have partnered with the Enterprise Development Centre (EDC) of the Pan Atlantic University in training and nurturing Micro, Small and Medium Scale businesses under this annual capacity building and business education project which involves the training of fifty budding entrepreneurs over a period of six (6) months after which the top five (5) entrepreneurs are awarded Three Million Naira (N 3,000,000) grants to take their businesses to the next level. This initiative has contributed immensely in helping to refine and strengthen the business acumen of a pool of MSME operators as well as creating enduring wealth and employment in the country”.


According to Mrs. Trimnell, this year’s BET programme has been streamlined to focus mainly on Fashion and Lifestyle, Agriculture and Information and Communication Technology, pointing that the ripple effect of increased economic activity on these sectors has remained monumental on the economy.


Tagged “Pitch In 60 Seconds’’, the programme expects MSME operators who are applying to be considered for the training and grant, to submit a 60 seconds video clip showing them ‘’pitching their business idea’’ to the public.  For objectivity, the audience or viewers will be invited to vote for their favourite business idea(s). The businesses with the highest votes qualifies for the next round of selection.


Application for this year’s edition of BET is scheduled to commence on June 16, 2015 and is open to the general public. To apply, please visit: www.diamondbankbet.com for more information.



About Diamond

Diamond Bank is the leading retail Bank, using new technology and digital applications to drive financial inclusion and innovative customer experience, whilst making a significant contribution to Nigeria’s economic growth. Follow us on Twitter @DiamondbankNG

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DIAMOND BANK LAUNCHES DIAMOND Y’ELLO DEBIT CARD http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/629-diamond-bank-launches-diamond-y-ello-debit-card http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/629-diamond-bank-launches-diamond-y-ello-debit-card DIAMOND BANK LAUNCHES DIAMOND Y’ELLO DEBIT CARD 

4 June 2015 - Diamond Bank Plc today announced its plans to issue MasterCard debit cards to millions of Diamond Y’ello account holders in a move that is expected to significantly expand financial inclusion and reduce cash-based transactions in Nigeria’s economy.


The scheme, according to a statement made available to the press at the 25th World Economic Forum on Africa in Cape Town, South Africa, is targeted at ensuring that interested Diamond Y’ello account holders are issued with debit cards that will give them unhindered access to the Bank’s services and their funds at automated teller machines across the country.


Shedding more light on the rationale for the scheme, Diamond Bank’s Chief Executive Officer, Uzoma Dozie, stated that the launch of the Diamond Y’ello debit card is timely and aligns with the cashless policy of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). According to him, millions of Diamond Y’ello account holders of the bank will have access to the Bank’s services while still enjoying the financial transaction freedom that are now available to the Bank’s numerous customers.


‘’With the introduction of this card, Diamond Bank has raised the bar for cashless banking in Nigeria’s financial services sub-sector. As you know, the card automatically grants account holders unlimited access to their funds and other financial transactions and also provide customers with additional interaction channels besides the agent locations. I think it is the biggest thing that has happened in the industry after the launch of the Fingerprint authentication feature on our Mobile app.”


Speaking further, Mr. Dozie stated that a core component of Diamond Bank’s strategic focus is to ensure the enhancement of the freedom of the financial lifestyle of the unbanked and under-banked by providing convenient banking services and multiple payment channels via the web and the POS, pointing that the Diamond Y’ello debit card will act as a physical link to this unique type of “account you open without documentations and other rigours associated with traditional accounts”.


It would be recalled that in 2014, Diamond Bank launched the Diamond Y’ello account into the Nigerian market as part of its financial inclusion programme to reach the unbanked.


Diamond Y’ello account, which was introduced in partnership with the mobile telecommunications giant, MTN, is a fully mobile hybrid account that offers the over 55 million subscribers on MTN Nigeria network a fusion of financial services and telecoms incentives.


Every MTN subscriber has access to a Diamond Y’ello account. Benefits include easy access to

Diamond Y’ello account holders’ community, full banking services with interest payments on account balances and access to loans via application from the subscriber’s mobile device on demand.


The Diamond Y’ello Account is activated by dialing *710# on any MTN line. According to the Bank, there are over 3 million Diamond Y’ello accounts owners who are serviced by over 500,000 agents in Nigeria.



About Diamond

Diamond Bank is the leading retail Bank, using new technology and digital applications to drive financial inclusion and innovative customer experience, whilst making a significant contribution to Nigeria’s economic growth. Follow us on Twitter @DiamondbankNG


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SAMSUNG, DIAMOND BANK PLC AND SOFTCOM SIGNS PARTNERSHIP MOU FOR $100M TECHNOLOGY INTERVENTION FUND FOR EDUCATION IN NIGERIA. http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/627-samsung-diamond-bank-plc-and-softcom-signs-partnership-mou-for-100m-technology-intervention-fund-for-education-in-nigeria http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/627-samsung-diamond-bank-plc-and-softcom-signs-partnership-mou-for-100m-technology-intervention-fund-for-education-in-nigeria SAMSUNG, DIAMOND BANK PLC AND SOFTCOM SIGNS PARTNERSHIP MOU FOR $100M TECHNOLOGY INTERVENTION FUND FOR EDUCATION IN NIGERIA. 



May 22, 2015 – Lagos, Nigeria – Diamond Bank, Samsung Electronics and Softcom Limited have secured a partnership to provide a special 100 million US Dollars Technology Intervention Fund for Education. This partnership comes to be as the three organizations, who are also sponsors of the Future Ready University conference which will be hosted by Covenant University on the 10th and 11th of June 2015, strive to replicate the success achieved in Covenant University into 40 other Nigerian universities.




The Memorandum of Understanding, which was signed at a press conference announcing the Future Ready University conference, seals the strategic partnership between  Samsung Electronics, Diamond Bank Plc and Softcom which will enable other Nigerian universities replicate the mobile learning program which already is operational in Covenant University. The 100million U.S Dollar technology intervention fund, will allow the interested universities to easily procure the solutions and secure fast track bulk financing from Diamond Bank.




Speaking at the press conference, Mr. Uzoma Dozie, Managing Director/CEO, Diamond Bank Plc said the mobile learning program is the future of education which has successfully been kick-started in Covenant University. “Diamond Bank is investing in this program as we realize and appreciate this initiative as the future of classroom learning which fits into our strategic roadmap as a leading financial institution. We invite interested universities who want to positively change the face of learning within their campuses to use this as an opportunity to create a better and more sustainable learning environment for their students”.




While delivering his address, Brovo Kim, Managing Director, Samsung Electronics West Africa said “Samsung is committed to consistent innovation and technological development especially in the area of education. Classroom learning has taken a new shape over the past years and right now, we are convinced that this remarkable project will help students to have a better grasp of what is being taught in the classroom, help teachers to ensure every student is carried along in the learning process and help parents and guardians to regularly monitor and evaluate their wards’ course work. We recognize and appreciate Diamond Bank’s understanding of this vision and encourage Nigerian universities to take full advantage of it”.




According to Yomi Adedeji, Managing Partner, Softcom, our objective was to extend the classroom in a social manner without altering the behaviour of the Student. Today we have achieved that for Covenant University and working with Samsung and Diamond bank we want to extend it to every Nigerian University. Technology is driving every aspect of our lives and its the quickest way to close the huge gap in our educational system. At the Future Ready University conference we will unveil new methodologies that will heal tertiary institutions advance quickly using Technology.




The Future Ready University conference hosted by Covenant University in Partnership with Softcom, Samsung Electronics and  Diamond Bank is expected to have in attendance over 150 key decision makers  from  50 invited private and public universities across Nigeria. According to Professor C.K. Ayo, The Vice Chancellor of covenant university, "we are delighted to host the future ready university conference and look forward to sharing our experience on how technology is transforming the way our students learn”. We are also delighted to be leading in this new way of learning. Our partnership with Softcom and Samsung has helped us achieve our Social learning dream.



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DIAMOND BANK TICKLES NIGERIAN YOUTHS WITH 2 MOUTH-WATERING ACCOUNTS http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/626-diamond-bank-tickles-nigerian-youths-with-2-mouth-watering-accounts http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/626-diamond-bank-tickles-nigerian-youths-with-2-mouth-watering-accounts DIAMOND BANK TICKLES NIGERIAN YOUTHS WITH 2 MOUTH-WATERING ACCOUNTS

Diamond Bank has opened a window of money management opportunities that will make Nigerian youths not only to save excitedly but also to develop healthy saving character and build prudent expenditure and investment profile.  Among the Bank’s basket of financial products are two different types of accounts– Diamond Future and Cool Teens – specially created to enable teenagers save with excitement and also for parents to save for their children and easily meet their future financial  goals and needs.


The Bank’s Head of Corporate Communication, Ayona Trimnell, stated that the reason for developing the products for the youths and children is basically not because of the need to shore up its performance scorecard at the end of the financial year but to enable Nigerian youths belong to the banking community and know that they have a right to start early to chart healthy financial course in life.


“We want young people to know that Diamond Bank is not just for adults, Diamond Bank is your bank too. We have worked hard to be the bank that understands the financial needs of parents and their children and to provide the right products and support to help them save to achieve their dreams,” she stated.


According to statistics from the CBN and the Nigeria Bureau of Statistics (NBS), 63 per cent of the country’s 168 million population are under 25 years and about 64.3 per cent of this huge population that are between the ages of 15-24 do not have a bank account, leaving them with no secure and supportive way to save for future goals.


According to Ayona, an extensive research conducted by Diamond Bank in conjunction with Women’s World Banking aimed at  better understanding each client segment, opened the door for the Bank to work to meet these needs with a comprehensive offering of youth accounts specifically designed for each target client segment.

Explaining, she pointed that the Diamond Future Account is specifically designed for parents to save for their children while the Cool- Teens and S.W.A.G Accounts are for youths between the ages of 13 and 17 years of age and tertiary students respectively.


“We want to challenge young people from early teens to more mature students and Corps members, to visualize the future and work with them to bring their aspirations to life. We are excited to offer account features that will truly engage young people, motivating them to share their goals with others and challenging them to save more with contests and competitions with other youth. Most importantly, we are providing young Nigerians the opportunity to practice managing their own finances through accounts that are for them, not their parents,” she stated.


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DIAMOND BANK SUSTAINS GROWTH IN BALANCE SHEET AND REVENUE http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/622-diamond-bank-sustains-growth-in-balance-sheet-and-revenue http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/622-diamond-bank-sustains-growth-in-balance-sheet-and-revenue Diamond Bank Plc has reported growth in key financial parameters for the year ended December 31, 2014. The group recorded a growth of 27.3% in total assets from N1.52 trillion recorded in the year ended December 31, 2013 to N1.93 trillion for the year ended December 31, 2014. The growth was driven by a 23.8% growth in deposit liabilities year-on-year, demonstrating the bank’s strong ability to generate cheap deposits from the retail and middle market segments. Deposit from customers grew from N1.21 trillion in 2013 to N1.49 trillion as at December 31, 2014.

Speaking on the results, the Group Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Uzoma Dozie stated, “We at Diamond Bank are pleased to announce continued success in implementing our strategy across the group, following another year of strong top line growth and an asset base that grew from N1.5 trillion to N1.9 trillion in 12 months”.

Gross earnings increased by 15.0% from N181.2 billion for the year ended December 31, 2013 to N208.4 billion in 2014, driven by efficient growth in the volume of business represented by increase in loan book, and investment securities following the impressive growth in customer deposits. Consequently, the group achieved an improvement of 9.6% in net operating income from N116.3 billion in 2013 to N127.4 billion for the year ended December 31, 2014. Profit before tax, however, recorded a drop of 12.5% from N32.1 billion in 2013 to N28.1 billion during the year under review. Also in the year under review, group loan to customers recorded a growth of 14.8% from N689 billion as at December 31, 2013 to N791 billion at the end of the 2014 financial year.

According to the CEO, “Amidst regulatory headwinds that characterized the industry, and a dynamic macroeconomic environment, growth was recorded in operating income although our profit before tax declined from 2013 levels on the back of higher operating expenses and loan impairment charges. For continued growth and profitability in 2015, we willl continue to vigorously drive the implementation of our alternative banking channels including digital banking; this will help to drive down operating costs as well as capture a significant share of new and existing bank account holders as well as a large portion of the unbanked. We are encouraged by these positive results and sustenance of our business growth, and affirm our commitment to continue delivering healthy shareholder returns in 2015 and beyond.”

The group’s capitalization improved significantly by 50.5% during the year due to a combination of the impact of its highly successful rights issue concluded in the last quarter of 2014, as well as the capitalization of profits for the year ended December 31, 2014. In effect, shareholders’ funds increased from N138.7 billion as at December 31, 2013 to N208.8 billion as at December 31, 2014. The strong capital base reflects the bank’s resilience and its preparedness to grow business in the future despite the implementation of Basel 2 and 3 by the central bank and the related high capitalization requirement.

Consequent on the enhanced capitalization, return on average equity declined from 23.1% in 2013 to 14.7% in 2014. Return on average asset followed the same trend from 2.1% in 2013 to 1.5% achieved in the year ended December 31, 2014. Diamond Bank raised $200 million Eurobonds during the year to finance its long term foreign currency assets.

Diamond Bank is one of the eight banks designated as systemically important banks by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) in 2013. It is one of the leading banks in Nigeria, providing reliable and dependable financial services to corporate and individual customers in Nigeria and West Africa. The bank is a leading retail banking franchise and remains the leader in the MSME space in Nigeria.

The bank achieved yet another successful transition of its management team as its former Group Managing Director - Dr. Alex Otti, voluntarily resigned his appointment effective October 31, 2014 to pursue other interests. Mr. Uzoma Dozie whose appointment as the GMD/CEO has already received the approval of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has since taken over the mantle of leadership of the twenty-four year old financial institution, evidencing the bank’s robust succession plan.

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DIAMOND BANK PLC APPOINTS OGBECHIE CHAIRMAN AS IGWE ACHEBE RETIRES http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/618-diamond-bank-plc-appoints-ogbechie-chairman-as-igwe-achebe-retires http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/618-diamond-bank-plc-appoints-ogbechie-chairman-as-igwe-achebe-retires Diamond Bank Plc, on Wednesday announced the appointment of Dr. Chris Ogbechie as the new Chairman of the Board of Directors following the retirement of Igwe Ugochukwu Nnaemeka Achebe who has led the Board since January 1, 2007.


The Bank in a notice dated January 13, 2015, to the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE), entitled: Change in Directorate – Resignation and Appointment of Chairman, Board of Directors, signed by Nkechi Nwosu, the Company Secretary/Legal Adviser, disclosed that the Board of Directors of the Bank in a recent Board meeting, approved Igwe Achebe’s retirement and the appointment of Ogbechie as the new Chairman.


“We wish to inform you that the Board of Directors of Diamond Bank Plc at its meeting held on November 29, 2014, approved the retirement of Igwe Ugochukwu Nnaemeka Achebe, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Bank effective December 31, 2014. In his stead, the Board unanimously approved the appointment of Dr. Chris Ogbechie, a non-executive director, as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Diamond Bank, with effect from January 1, 2015.”


Igwe Achebe’s tenure as the Chairman of the Board was characterized with tremendous growth of the Bank in the quality of asset base and the entrenchment of the Bank as a leader in Retail Banking in Nigeria. He successfully saw Diamond Bank through the entry of Actis -an institutional investor -in 2007, the Global Depositary Receipts (GDR) listing on the London Stock Exchange in 2009, the 2008 Global Economic Meltdown, and more recently, the Bank’s Rights Issue of 2014.


The new Chairman of the Board is a seasoned Boardroom technocrat. He has a First Class Honours degree in Mechanical Engineering from Manchester University, an MBA from Manchester Business School and holds a PhD in Management from Brunel University, Middlesex, England. He is scholar par excellence and is currently a Faculty member of the Lagos Business School where he teaches Strategy and Corporate Governance and a visiting Professor of Strategy and Marketing at Strathmore Business School, Nairobi.


Dr. Ogbechie is an authority in the field of Strategy and sits on the Board of a number of companies and is a Fellow of the Nigerian Institute of Marketing (NIM) and the Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria (APCON). He is also a Member of the American Academy of Management, International Corporate Governance Network and Strategic Management Association. He is a Director at the Society for Corporate Governance Nigeria and was honoured by Pope John Paul II in 1999 with the papal knighthood of St. Sylvester.


His work career spans various roles in local and multi-national companies including Xerox Nigeria Ltd where he was a Product Manager and Nestle Foods Nigeria Plc where he served as a Senior Product Manager, National Sales Manager and Director Marketing/Sales. He was also the Group Product Manager of Nestle Malaysia between 1981 and 1983. He was appointed the Group Head of Marketing at Ecobank Trans International, Lome – Togo between 1999 and 2001.

With his vast experience in Marketing and Strategy derived from his international exposure in the Boardrooms of many companies in various African countries, Malaysia, Singapore and Switzerland coupled with his involvement with several start-ups, Dr. Chris Ogbechie will consolidate on the achievements of his predecessor to sustain the Bank’s continuous growth trajectory.

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DIAMOND BANK PLC’S SALARY4LIFE: TRADER EMERGES SEVENTH WINNER http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/616-diamond-bank-plc-s-salary4life-trader-emerges-seventh-winner http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/616-diamond-bank-plc-s-salary4life-trader-emerges-seventh-winner Duru Chukwuebuka Francis, a building materials trader at the Eket Market, AkwaI bom State, has won the star prize of “Salary4Life” at the just concluded DiamondXtra Season 7/ Diamond Woman Special Draws organized by Diamond Bank Plc at its head office in Lekki, Lagos. 

The Salary4Life entitles the winner to a monthly payment of N100,000.00, by the Bank, for the next twenty years; for emerging the star prize winner, Duru will receive his monthly payments from Diamond Bank till 2034.

Nkiru Perpetua Mbanefo, a business woman whose account is domiciled in the Sagamu branch of the Bank, also went home with a “N100,000.00 for twelve months prize,” courtesy of Diamond Woman.

Speaking at the prize presentation ceremony, Aisha Ahmad, Head, Retail Directorate of the Bank, disclosed that a total of 1,439 people will be rewarded in Season 7, which commenced in October last year. Prize categories include Salary4Life, N3 million, N2 million, N1 million as well as N500,000.00 and N250,000.00 in the weekly draws.

She also noted that Diamond Woman rewarded two customers with prizes of “N100,000.00 for 12 months” and another eighteen with N300,000.00 each in two special draws held during the period. 

According to her, “A total of 831, 463 customers qualified for the DiamondXtra End-of-the-Year Special Draws and the Diamond Woman Special Draws from which the winners emerged. To qualify, all that is required is a minimum balance of N5,000.00 in a customer’s DiamondXtra account and multiples of N5,000.00 increases the account holder’s chances of winning. ”

Osita Ede, Head, Mass Market, DiamondXtra Account, said that the DiamondXtra Account is a savings account designed to encourage savings among Nigerians.

“The reward scheme is integrated into the DiamondXtra proposition and every customer with the DiamondXtra account has equal opportunity of winning through an errorless electronic draws. This reward scheme has been on for 7 years and Diamond Bank will not stop delighting her numerous customers who save with the bank,” Ede added.

Receiving his prize, Duru Francis, winner of the Salary4Life, said, “While opening the account, I never believed I would be rewarded in such an overwhelming manner. I was in my shop when I received the call that I had won the Salary4Life and I was directed to go to my branch for confirmation. I was skeptical about the authenticity of the call until I visited my branch and learnt that it was true. I am very grateful to Diamond Bank for improving my life and I will put the money into my business because building materials trading is a very capital intensive venture.”

Mbanefo, who emerged winner of the DiamondWoman Special Draws prize of “N100,000.00 for 12 months” thanked Diamond Bank for beginning the year for her on a happy note.

She said, “I just know that I have won N100,000.00 for every month throughout the year. Right now I have not decided how I want to use the money but I will ensure that I utilize it wisely. I recommend Diamond Bank to everyone who wants a change in life.”

The DiamondXtra Account is a special account designed for individuals who want to build up their savings gradually. It is an interest-yielding account that allows deposit of both cash and third party instruments. In addition, the account holders receive a cheque book and a debit card with which they can make withdrawals from their account.

Every month ten lucky customers win N1million each, one customer wins N2million and a star prize winner is rewarded a Salary4Life prize of N100,000.00 for twenty years. The DiamondXtra attracts a low minimum opening amount of N5, 000.00 with the opportunity to win fantastic cash prizes.

aoshilaja@diamondbank.com (Adewunmi Oshilaja) Wed, 14 Jan 2015 16:31:59 +0000
DIAMOND BANK GRADUATES 100 YOUTHS FROM ITS ENTREPRENEURIAL SKILL ENHANCEMENT PROGRAMME http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/615-diamond-bank-graduates-100-youths-from-its-entrepreneurial-skill-enhancement-programme http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/615-diamond-bank-graduates-100-youths-from-its-entrepreneurial-skill-enhancement-programme Diamond Bank Plc, a leading retail bank in Nigeria, recently, as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative, graduated 100 youths from its entrepreneurial skill enhancement programme. The highly elated youths who were chosen from selected tertiary institutions in the South-Eastern part of the country, received lectures in top-of-the-range Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) and Entrepreneurial Skills in a three months training programme.

Beyond teachings on ICT, the graduated students who are expected to commence their six-month mentorship and industrial attachment in January 2015, also received trainings on finance, tips on how to access finance and the modalities for starting and management of a personal business.

Ayona Trimnell, Head, Corporate Communications of the Bank, stated that this year’s capacity building and enhancement programme which held from October to December 2014, was unique because of the revised course content which exposes the youths to a world-class ICT and entrepreneurial skills, noting that preparing and fortifying the youths for the future with the requisite up-to-date ICT knowledge and skills, is one of the surest ways to guarantee certainty, and bring Nigerian youths to play and compete at the global stage.

“Our activity in this area focuses on training and equipping students of tertiary institutions in the states across the country with ICT and Entrepreneurial Skills. The training did not only provide the youths with practical skills that make them employable but also serves as a source of livelihood through ICT skills development. Diamond Bank is passionate about this programme and is committed to it,” she said.

Trimnell stated further that Diamond Bank is particularly interested in young people because they hold the key for providing superior value and technology-based innovation for the future; and represent the strategic vision of the Bank’s operations; therefore are a “core of its strategic focus”. It can be recalled that the first edition of the ICT capacity training programme held in October 2013 with 100 students from two tertiary institutions in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State benefitting from the training scheme.

The initiative was implemented in partnership with Paradigm Initiative of Nigeria (PIN), a social enterprise organisation that connects underserved Nigerian youths with ICT opportunities. The capacity training initiative highlights the ill effects of unemployment and cybercrime, among other vices that limit the potential contribution of young Nigerians to the nation’s economy and opens the window for self-employment. On behalf of Diamond Bank, PIN provides trainees with continued post-program mentorship and support for a period of six months after graduation.

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Entrepreneurship Support: Pan-Atlantic University Commends Diamond Bank Plc http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/613-entrepreneurship-support-pan-atlantic-university-commends-diamond-bank-plc http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/613-entrepreneurship-support-pan-atlantic-university-commends-diamond-bank-plc Diamond Bank Plc, a leading retail bank in Nigeria, has been commended by Pan-Atlantic University’s Enterprise Development Centre (EDC),for its robust and unwavering support for young and upcoming entrepreneurs in the country.

Speaking at the Global Entrepreneurship Week in Lagos where the bank was recognized as a sponsor at a National Scale, Peter Bankole, Director, EDC, said that Diamond Bank, through its array of MSME-friendly products and propositions, has contributed significantly to the development of the sector in recent years, noting that the Bank’s robust initiative for MSMEs has aided a lot in stimulating employment in the country.

“Diamond Bank has done a lot in the development of the economy through her support for the Micro, Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (MSMEs). The initiatives of the bank have positively impacted areas such as employment generation, advisory support services to MSMEs and access to finance for entrepreneurs,” he said.

Speaking on the Bank’s itch for entrepreneurial development, Ayona Trimnell, Head Corporate Communication, stated that Diamond Bank is very passionate about MSMEs development in the country, and drives the initiative through its Building Entrepreneurs Today (BET). According to her, the programme is structured for capacity building, business education training aimed specifically at generating interest in entrepreneurship and driving employment and entrepreneurship in the economy.

“This initiative has contributed immensely to the pool of skilled small and medium scale entrepreneurs in the country and by extension enduring wealth creation across the populace. What we do is that at the end of the training, the top five (5) entrepreneurs are awarded the sum of three million naira (N3,000,000) grant to take their businesses to the next level. Since inception, over 1000 businesses have benefitted from this training programme.”

While responding to the recognition and award, Chima Nnadozie, Head, MSMEs Propositions, Diamond Bank, said the bank’s focus on MSMEs is borne out of the need to contribute to the development of the sector which in turn would positively impact the country’s economy.

“At Diamond Bank, we recognize the strategic role that the MSMEs could play in the country’s economy if the potentials are well harnessed. The entrepreneurs need business support in terms of advisory services and access to funding. The bank has been faithfully doing these over the years and we have testimonies to show that our efforts are already paying off,” he said.

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DIAMOND BANK SAYS BUSINESS EDUCATION IS RECIPE FOR UNEMPLOYMENT http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/608-diamond-bank-says-business-education-is-recipe-for-unemployment http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/608-diamond-bank-says-business-education-is-recipe-for-unemployment In line with its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative, aimed at building capacity for young and upcoming entrepreneurs and stimulating young adult development, Diamond Bank has prescribed enhanced business education as a major recipe for fighting the scourge of unemployment, noting that it will boost the outcome of vocational skills in Nigeria.

Speaking at the recent Employee Volunteering Programme (EVP) which held at the Millennium School Compound, Egbeda, a Lagos suburb, the Bank’s Head of Corporate Communications, Ayona Trimnell, stated that one of the surest ways to escape the pains of unemployment is for the Nigeria youth to be fortified with the necessary business education that will enable his or her vocational skill(s) find gainful expression in the production chain of the economy.

“The youth population of Nigeria is over 60 per cent of the entire population, if this active population is empowered with business education and vocational skills, the economy will grow exponentially. There are many countries thriving on vocational skills and we should embrace business education as a way to fine-tune the finished products from our vocational schools,” Trimnell stated.

Reechoing Trimnell, the Head of Human Capital Management, Chidinma Lawanson, noted that since only a small fraction of the population gets white collar jobs, there is need for the youths to be creative and adventurous. She charged the youths to create jobs for themselves and others by growing their skills into conglomerates.

According to her, “many companies started by offering skill-based services gained from vocational education, which eventually grew to become big and major employers of labour. Skilled people are pivotal to the growth of any economy, therefore people with such competencies should confidently put their skills to productive use to generate income for themselves and others.”

The Employee Volunteering Programme is an annual volunteer programme through which Diamond Bank staff provide financial literacy and entrepreneurial training to students of various skills acquisition centers across Lagos State.

The programme is in its second year and will see employees of the Bank visiting four vocational training centres located in Ojodu, IbejuLekki, Egbeda and Oshodi areas of Lagos.

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DIAMOND BANK SUSTAINS GROWTH IN PAT DESPITE REGULATORY CONSTRAINTS http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/604-diamond-bank-sustains-growth-in-pat-despite-regulatory-constraints http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/604-diamond-bank-sustains-growth-in-pat-despite-regulatory-constraints In the midst of the regulatory headwind which, as it were, dulled industry average performance in the current financial year, Diamond Bank Plc recorded a 1% growth in Profit After Tax (PAT), in its 9-Months unaudited financial statement for period ended 30th September 2014.

The result of the Bank’s 9 months performance which was presented to the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) and released to journalists in Lagos showed that Diamond Bank grew its operating Profit After Tax (PAT) to N20.180 billion from N20.050 billion. Although the increase in profitability is marginal, the Bank grew its asset base by 11%, from N1.52 trillion as at 31st December 2013 to N1.68 trillion recorded as at the end of September 2014.

Speaking on the results, the Group Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of the Bank, Mr. Uzoma Dozie, commented, “We at Diamond Bank are pleased to report continued success in implementing our strategy across the group as evidenced by the decent PAT despite regulatory challenges.” He further stated that the performance of Diamond Bank in the last 9 months is a testament of management’s strategic alignment and focus, noting that retail infrastructure and innovative strategy have remained strong enablers which are propelling the Bank to deliver retail solutions and propositions across all the business and market segments.

A deeper look at the results shows that the Bank’s deposit base increased from N1.206 trillion as at December 2013 to N1.255 trillion at the end of September 2014, representing a growth of about 4%, while deposit from other banks grew by 61%, from N54.6 billion in 2013 to N87.7 billion in 2014.

Furthermore, the Bank scaled up loan facilities as it grew its cumulative loan portfolio to banks by 43% to N184.7 billion from N129.4 billion, while loans to customers increased to N718.8 billion from N689.2 billion recorded as at December 2013, representing a growth of 4%.

According to Uzoma Dozie, “the recent upgrade of our core banking application, combined with other support functions has facilitated excellent service delivery across our network. We are encouraged by these positive results, and we will continue our corporate journey in the strategic direction we set for ourselves”.


For the Nine months Unaudited Results and Conference call details, please click HERE

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Nigerians Transfer 80 Billion Naira Daily - Diamond Bank CEO http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/603-nigerians-transfer-80-billion-naira-daily-diamond-bank-ceo http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/603-nigerians-transfer-80-billion-naira-daily-diamond-bank-ceo Currently, statistics on business transactions show that about N80 billion is electronically transferred daily from one bank account to the other in Nigeria. This was disclosed by the new Group Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer (GMD/CEO) of Diamond Bank Plc, Mr. Uzoma Dozie.

Speaking on ‘Media Trends in Business and Big Data Management’ at the Society and Technology Conference and Exhibition 2014, which held in Lagos yesterday, Dozie noted that in compliance with global financial trends and the Cash-Less policy of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) which is aimed to drive financial inclusion and reduce cash-based transactions in the economy, electronic payment has created a new order in financial transactions and allowed Deposit Money Banks (DMBs) the opportunity to create financial products and services that are customer-centric.

According to Uzoma, e-money is virtually stored monetary value in wallets or accounts, noting that the platform allows the accountholder to access the value of the money with ease, exchange and transfer electronically for business transactions and sundry other payments.

“The financial industry has moved through various stages; at the moment value is being stored virtually. Customers have come to the realization of the ease associated with e-money,” he stated.

Dozie further noted that Diamond Bank has risen to the challenge of the new order of electronic banking through the development of unique products like BETA, a product which incorporates the traditional method of saving for customers who cannot visit the banking hall but their savings are credited into their accounts and they receive an alert on their phones; Diamond Y’ello Account, a product that enables MTN subscribers to open and operate from their phones.

“Diamond Bank also has a mobile App which has functions for financial transactions and lifestyle products. The App can be installed on smartphones and tablets. Customers should not be put off from using this App because it is easy to use, has functional content and secured platform for business,” he added.

It can be recalled that Diamond Bank has been in the forefront of introducing and optimizing the gains of technology in the industry. Since December 2011 when the CBN introduced Cash-Less Nigeria, Diamond Bank has remained on top of the list of banks to introduce real-time electronic banking, Mobile banking App for Smart phones and tablets among others.

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UZOMA DOZIE STEPS INTO THE HELM OF AFFAIRS AS DIAMOND BANK'S CHIEF http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/602-uzoma-dozie-steps-into-the-helm-of-affairs-as-diamond-bank-s-chief http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/602-uzoma-dozie-steps-into-the-helm-of-affairs-as-diamond-bank-s-chief The Board of Directors of Diamond Bank has announced the resignation of Dr Alex Otti effective October 30th 2014 and the appointment of Mr. Uzoma Dozie as its new Group Managing Director effective November 1st 2014.


The Bank’s Board approved the appointment of Uzoma Dozie as Group Managing Director/ CEO- designate subject to CBN approval.


Uzoma Dozie who is 45 years old, began his banking career 20 years ago spanning various roles and functions related to Credit and Marketing, Planning and Financial Control and Business Process Re-engineering.


He is currently the driving force behind the Bank’s market leadership in the Nigerian Retail Banking space, championing major innovations in e-banking (Diamond Mobile app), banking the un-banked (Diamond Yello and BETA proposition) and masterminding the strategy for promoting a seamless transition to a cashless economy.


Uzoma Dozie graduated in 1991 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from the University of Reading, Berkshire England. He obtained a Master of Science degree in Chemical Research from University College, London in 1992. As he progressed in his professional career, he enrolled at the Imperial College Management School, London, where he obtained an MBA with specialisation in Finance (MBA finance) in 1998.


He started his banking career from Guaranty Trust Bank Plc in 1993 where he worked in the Commercial Banking Unit, and later moved to Citizens International Bank Limited where he worked in the Oil and Gas Division. In 1998, he joined Diamond Bank Plc as an Assistant Manager and Head of the Bank’s Oil and Gas Group where he expanded the Bank’s Oil and Gas businesses.


Having acquired years of experience in business development,  Uzoma moved to the Financial Control Group of the Bank in 2000 and rose through the ranks to become the Bank’s Financial Controller. As the Financial Controller, Uzoma was charged with the responsibility of managing the Bank’s balance sheet, developing various MIS reports and reporting the Bank’s financial records to regulatory authorities. While in Financial Control, Uzoma served in various Management Committees including the Assets and Liabilities Committee, Cost Management Committee, Personnel Management Committee, New Products Committee, Management Credit Committee, and other ad hoc Committees at various times. He implemented various initiatives including laying the foundation for the deployment of paperless office programs and improved Management Information Systems.


In 2004, Uzoma spent time with the Amalgamated Bank of South Africa (ABSA) where he was exposed to the rudiments of Retail Banking and Wealth Management, Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources Management. Upon his return, he set up the Personal Banking Group with focus on offering propositions to the Affluent and Mass Market customer segments (Retail Business). Uzoma developed various partnerships with business franchises for retail business growth, created market awareness and developed various retail propositions to drive liability generation.


Following his success in Personal Banking, Uzoma was appointed an Executive Director in 2006. In 2008, he was reassigned the Corporate Banking portfolio where he was responsible for managing and developing relationships in Oil and Gas, Power, Infrastructure, Construction, General Commerce and Manufacturing businesses. In 2010, Uzoma’s responsibilities were expanded to include acting as the Bank’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) following the retirement of the erstwhile CFO. As the acting CFO, Uzoma oversaw the Bank’s corporate strategy, Financial Management, Business Transformation and Investor Relations.


In February 2011, following the appointment of a new CFO, Uzoma’s responsibility was modified to cover Corporate Banking and all Businesses in Lagos and West regions. While in charge of Corporate Banking and Regional Business, Lagos, Uzoma developed and nurtured business clienteles in the middle market and national corporate segments, in addition to his corporate banking functions.


In January 2014, he was re-assigned to the Retail Banking Directorate and appointed Deputy Managing Director in April 2014.


During his banking career, Uzoma attended various local and offshore training programs including the High Performance Leadership Program in IMD International, Sao Paulo, Brazil; Program for Management Development at Harvard Business School; Credit Risk Analysis and Management at Citibank, New york. He is currently the Secretary of Harvard Business School Alumni Association of Nigeria (HBSAN).


The Board believes that Uzoma’s wealth of experience, remarkable leadership skills and strong mentorship capabilities will serve to help the Bank achieve its short and long term goals especially in the highly competitive Banking industry in Nigeria.

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ALEX OTTI BOWS OUT FROM DIAMOND BANK PLC http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/600-alex-otti-bows-out-from-diamond-bank-plc http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/600-alex-otti-bows-out-from-diamond-bank-plc The Board of Diamond Bank Plc, has announced the appointment of Mr. Uzoma Dozie as its new Group Managing Director/CEO following the voluntary retirement of the Group Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Alex Otti. Mr. Dozie’s appointment is subject to the approval of Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). 


In an official statement released by the Bank’s Corporate Communications Department, Chairman of the Board of Directors, HRM Igwe Nnaemeka Alfred Achebe (the Obi of Onitsha) announced the changes in management stating that Mr. Dozie appointment was in recognition of his extensive managerial capabilities.  


According to the statement, “We are pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Uzoma Dozie as the new Group Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of Diamond Bank Plc in consonance with the Bank’s succession strategy and in recognition of Mr. Dozie’s wealth of banking knowledge. 


Expressing that the outgoing GMD/CEO will be sorely missed, Igwe Achebe extolled Dr. Alex Otti’s enviable achievements in the Bank, describing his tenure as “the brightest years of Diamond Bank’s 24 year-history”. 


Under Dr. Alex Otti’s stewardship, Diamond Bank made a remarkable return to profitability and has continued to record impressive growth across all performance indicators year-on-year. After writing off toxic risk assets which resulted in the loss of N16 billion in 2011, the Bank posted a profit before tax of N28.36 billion in 2012 and N32.5 billion Naira in 2013. The Bank also saw its total assets rise from N564.9 billion in February 2011 to N1.18 trillion by December 31, 2012 and N1.52 trillion on December 31, 2013. 


Dr. Otti is credited with creating the office of the Chief Risk Officer and designating an Executive Director to head the department. He also spear-headed the expansion of the Bank by doubling


the full staff count from around 2,000 in 2010 to over 4,000 as at mid-2014 even as he vigorously grew the Bank’s footprints from a network of 210 branches in 2011 to over 265 branches 3 years later. It was also under his watch that the Bank established an international subsidiary in the United Kingdom, in addition to expansion in Francophone West Africa (Senegal, Togo, and Ivory Coast).


 It is to be noted that the Central Bank only recently classified the bank as one of the eight systematically important banks in Nigeria under Dr. Otti’s watch.


“Dr Alex Otti is a fine gentleman with an outstanding career in the Nigerian Banking industry. We are pleased with the time he spent at the helms of affairs of Diamond Bank Plc and wish him every success in his future endeavours”, commented the Bank’s Chairman.


 Dr. Alex Otti, OFR is a 1988 graduate of the University of Port Harcourt where he finished with a First class honors degree in Economics. He subsequently received an MBA from the University of Lagos in 1994 as well as honourary Doctorate degrees from Babcock University and the Universities of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT) and Nigeria (UNN) in 2009, 2012 and 2013 respectively.


 Prior to his appointment as the Group Managing Director/CEO of Diamond Bank Plc in March 2011, Dr Otti worked in a number of financial institutions in various capacities.


He started from Nigeria International Bank Limited, a subsidiary of Citibank N.Y. in 1989 and thereafter moved to United Bank for Africa Plc as Principal Manager and Head, Corporate Banking Sector, South. In May 2001, he joined First Bank of Nigeria Plc as an Assistant General Manager with responsibility for the Bank’s Energy Group.  In April 2004, he was promoted to Deputy General Manager and in September 2005, he was appointed Executive Director Commercial Banking.  In October 2006, he was redesignated Executive Director (South), and given the responsibility to oversee the bank’s businesses in both South-South and South Eastern geo-political zones of Nigeria.


udoguamanam@diamondbank.com (Udoka Oguamanam) Fri, 24 Oct 2014 08:26:29 +0000
DIAMOND BANK FLAGSHIP BRANCH DEBUTS http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/595-diamond-bank-flagship-branch-debuts http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/595-diamond-bank-flagship-branch-debuts Diamond Bank Plc has again, raised the bar in customer service delivery in the financial services sub-sector, with the opening to customers of its flagship branch at Ajose Adeogun Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

The ultra-modern branch, a four-storey complex, is structured to deliver twenty-four-seven full banking services to customers, and is fitted with world-class facilities like e-centre for electronic financial transactions, lounge for exclusive banking, Internet access for Internet banking among others. All the bank’s different categories of financial services; private banking, corporate banking, retail banking etc are available in the newly-launched branch.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Dr. Alex Otti, Group Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer said, the bank has projected further into the future of banking in Nigeria by developing the edifice that can conveniently serve all the categories of customers of the bank.

“Diamond Bank has gone into the future to develop a holistic banking hall that can serve all the needs of customers. The branch has the following facilities; an e-center for electronic financial transactions, a lounge for exclusive banking amongst others. It is a new generation branch where customers’ interests are best served. Diamond Bank has brought tomorrow’s bank to her customers today.”

Some of the bank’s high-profile customers that graced the occasion expressed their excitement at the innovation by the bank, adding that the futuristic nature and customer centric approach adopted by the bank would make it the toast of customers.

Engineer Mutiu Sunmonu, Managing Director, Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited (SPDC) noted that by creating and launching the branch, Diamond Bank has actually peeped into the future and solved problems that the current banking services generates for customers.

“This for me is a dream come true. I have been looking forward to banking being done in the most modern manner and what I am seeing here gives me joy. It shows that banking in Nigeria is really transforming and improving in their quality offering. I want to thank Diamond Bank for leading this revolution.”

Reiterating Sunmonu, Chief Ephraim Faloughi, Chairman, Sovereign Trust Insurance Plc, a long-standing customer of the bank, stated that the flagship branch has become a prototype of banking hall, which should be considered as a minimum standard in the country’s banking industry.

“The bank has shown that the banking hall needs to be comfortable for the customers. The bank can be described as the next generation bank. The branch can be described as a model corporate one-stop shop for all financial services.”

Other personalities that graced the occasion included Chief Mrs. Stella Okoli, Chairperson, Emzor Pharmaceuticals Nigeria Limited; Mrs Uju Ifejika, Managing Director, Brittanica-U Nigeria Limited among others.  

udoguamanam@diamondbank.com (Udoka Oguamanam) Thu, 11 Sep 2014 17:41:00 +0000
KUNOCH HOLDINGS ACQUIRES ACTIS LLP’S AND CDC GROUP’S STAKE IN DIAMOND BANK PLC http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/592-kunoch-holdings-acquires-actis-llp-s-and-cdc-group-s-stake-in-diamond-bank-plc http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/592-kunoch-holdings-acquires-actis-llp-s-and-cdc-group-s-stake-in-diamond-bank-plc Diamond Bank Plc (“Diamond Bank” or the “Bank”) is pleased to announce that Kunoch Holdings (“Kunoch”) has successfully completed the purchase of Actis DB Holdings Limited, a company which holds Diamond Bank shares, from Actis LLP and CDC Group Plc. Actis DB Holdings Limited (“Actis DB”) currently holds 14.79% of the issued share capital of Diamond Bank.


Funds managed by Actis, a private equity investor specialising in investments in emerging markets, acquired a significant equity stake in the Bank in 2007. These funds are now coming to the end of their closed-end period and, accordingly, Actis is realising its investment in the Bank. Over the years, positive contributions by Actis, other institutional investors and the new management team of the Bank have created additional value for all Diamond Bank's shareholders.


Peter Schmid, Actis Head of Private Equity commented: "We have worked with Diamond Bank to build a strong franchise over the last seven years. During the period of our investment, Diamond Bank underwent substantial change and is now recognised by the Central Bank of Nigeria as one of the systemically important banks in the industry. The Bank has a strong and capable management team to take it to the next stage of its development and Actis wishes Alex and his team well in this next phase."


Dr. Alex Otti, Group Managing Director of Diamond Bank said: “We are pleased to have worked with Actis over the last seven years, and are excited about the next stage of the Bank’s development. Diamond Bank is one of the leading retail banks in Nigeria, with exciting growth prospects in the retail segment of the Nigerian economy as well as a strong position in the Micro, Small and Medium Scale Enterprises and corporate segments of the economy. Diamond Bank has been described as one of the fastest growing Banks over the past three years in the Tier II category and potentially the next Bank that would move to the Tier I category. The Bank is currently undertaking a Rights Issue to raise an additional N50.3 billion which is expected to position the Bank to further enable it to execute its strategy going forward”.



aaderibigbe-banzi@diamondbank.com (Adebowale Aderibigbe-Banzi) Thu, 21 Aug 2014 15:39:03 +0000
Diamond Bank, MTN Launch Diamond Yello Account http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/590-diamond-bank-mtn-launch-diamond-yello-account http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/590-diamond-bank-mtn-launch-diamond-yello-account Leading retail bank, Diamond Bank PLC, has launched an innovative banking product, Diamond Y’ello, as part of its financial inclusion programme to reach the unbanked.

The Diamond Y’ello Account (DYA), which is run in partnership with mobile telecommunications giant, MTN Nigeria, is a hybrid account that offers the over 58 million MTN subscribers a fusion of financial services and telecoms incentives such as money transfer and withdrawal, account statementsconfirmation andairtime purchase amongst a host of available features and benefits.

Speaking at the launch of the account, Dr Alex Otti, GMD/CEO, Diamond Bank PLC, said the Diamond Y’ello Account is part of the bank’s strategic programme to reach the unbanked population with innovative and easily accessible financial solutions.

According to Dr. Otti: “The Nigerian banking industry is over a hundred years old, but can only boast of only about 40 million bank accounts. In the 14years of mobile telephony in Nigeria, the telcos have grown a robust subscriber base of 120 million customers and still counting. That is why we decided to partner with one of the trusted and most extensive networks to bring our banking services closer to people who would like to bank with us but are limited by challenges within their environment.

Explaining the rationale, Dr. Otti explains further: “What we have done is to make banking more accessible to Nigerians. To open a Diamond Y’ello account, a customer only needs to have a registered MTN line and by dialing the short code *710#, the subscriber gets a full NUBAN account number delivered by SMS to his mobile phone within minutes”.

The Diamond Y’ello Account is open to all. The Youth and Mass Market segments of the MTN subscriber base as well as the unbanked and under-banked subscribers are especially invited to take advantage of the favourable account opening requirements and convenient features of the service.”

Speaking at the event, CEO of MTN Nigeria, Mike Ikpoki disclosed that the Diamond Y’ello idea is driven by a commitment from Diamond Bank and MTN to ensure that technology is used to make life easier for people.

He said: “Technology is a tool that should make life easier for people. This product is simple and accessible to all customers on our network.”

Lending his support to the partnership, Dr. Pascal Dozie, Founder, Diamond Bank Plc and Chairman, MTN Nigeria, said that Diamond Y’ello is a hybrid account produced by two outstanding companies in their separate industries.

He said: The partnership between Diamond Bank PLC and MTN Nigeria is in support of government policies. The Diamond Y’ello Account will strengthen the cashless policy of the Central Bank of Nigeria. It will also provide gainful employment for Nigerians and other stakeholders.”

Every MTN subscriber hasaccess to a Diamond Y’ello Account with benefits which include: easy access to open and operate a bank account through the subscriber’s mobile phone or agent network within the customer’s community, full bank services with interest payments on account balances and fund transfer services to any bank account in Nigeria.

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DIAMOND BANK Plc MAINTAINS STABLE GROWTH, RAKES IN N13.8B PAT IN 6 MONTHS http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/587-diamond-bank-plc-maintains-stable-growth-rakes-in-n13-8-billion-in-6-months http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/587-diamond-bank-plc-maintains-stable-growth-rakes-in-n13-8-billion-in-6-months Despite regulatory constraints, Diamond Bank Plc, in its half year (H1) performance scorecard, demonstrated its ability to continue to sustain growth by posting 9% increase in its profit after tax (PAT) for the half business year (HBY) ended 30 June 2014.

This is as reported in the Bank’s Unaudited H1 Results released to the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) and made available to financial correspondents in Lagos, Nigeria.

Speaking from the Bank’s Corporate Head Office in Lagos, Dr. Alex Otti, Group Managing Director/CEO, said that the Bank maintained its business focus to deliver and surpass set targets. “We are pleased to release the latest set of results which demonstrate the Bank’s ability to improve on our success in the previous years despite regulatory headwinds”, he stated.

A review of the financial result for the period indicates that Diamond Bank recorded a profit after tax (PAT) of N13.8 billion compared to N12.6 billion reported in the same period of last year.

In the same period, the Bank grew its total comprehensive income from N11.9 billion in 2013 to N14.1 billion in the current business year (BY), representing 19% increase.

According to Dr. Otti, “We continued to report healthy asset growth (up 15% from Dec. 2013) and have maintained strong deposit growth especially from the retail segment of the market.”

The Bank showed good appetite in funding the real sector as loans and advances to customers were upped by 10% to N756 billion from N689 billion in the previous year.

Total Assets of the Bank now stand at N1.7 trillion up 15% from N1.5 trillion in December 2013, while deposits from customers rose to N1.3 trillion up 8% from N1.2 trillion in December 2013. 

“Our cost profile remains efficient as we continue our expansion drive; and our risk indicators continue to show sustainable asset quality ratios that adequately support the bank to deliver on the target returns by year end,” noted the GMD

Although the Bank’s business focus is sharpened on Corporate, Retail and Public Sector businesses, the Bank has continued to grow and maintain leading position in the Retail Banking segment of the economy. 

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DIAMOND BANK PLC TO RAISE N50.37 BILLION VIA A RIGHTS ISSUE http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/585-diamond-bank-plc-to-raise-n50-37-billion-via-a-rights-issue http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/585-diamond-bank-plc-to-raise-n50-37-billion-via-a-rights-issue Arrangements for a Rights Issue by Diamond Bank Plc (“Diamond Bank” or “the Bank”), have now been concluded, following the approval granted by shareholders at the Bank’s Annual General Meeting held on 24 April 2014. A total of N8,685,145,863 Ordinary Shares of 50 kobo each will be offered to the Bank’s shareholders in the ratio of 3 new Ordinary Shares for every 5 Ordinary Shares held as at 13 June, 2014 at N5.80 per share. Final approvals for the registration and listing of the shares, from the Securities & Exchange Commission and The Nigerian Stock Exchange respectively are expected imminently. The Rights Issue is expected to commence on Wednesday, 30 July 2014 and close on Tuesday, 26 August 2014.


Stanbic IBTC Capital Limited (“Stanbic IBTC Capital”) is the Lead Issuing House while FBN Capital Limited (“FBN Capital”) is the Joint Issuing House to the Rights Issue.


At the Signing Ceremony held on Tuesday, 15 July 2014, the Group Managing Director of Diamond Bank, Dr. Alex Otti, disclosed that the net proceeds of the Rights Issue will be applied towards the development of the Bank’s IT infrastructure, working capital support and the expansion and refurbishment of the Bank’s business locations. Furthermore, the successful outcome of the Rights Issue should improve Diamond Bank’s tier 1 capital, thereby positioning it to take on bigger opportunities in the sector and ultimately increasing value for shareholders.


The Head of Stanbic IBTC’s Equity Capital Markets, Mrs Oyinda Akinyemi, commended the Management of Diamond Bank for their efforts towards ensuring that the Bank maintains its leading position in the sector and urged the Bank’s shareholders to seize the opportunity of the Rights Issue to show their confidence in the Bank’s potential for future growth. The Executive Director, FBN Capital, Mr. Taiwo Okeowo reiterated that the Bank has considerable potential for long term growth, given its market share of the growing retail banking sector and is a good investment opportunity for shareholders.


The Rights Circular for the Issue, which contains a Provisional Allotment Letter and the Application/Renunciation Form, will be dispatched directly to each shareholder before the Rights Issue opens.

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DIAMOND BANK’S $200M EUROBONDS RECEIVE GLOBAL ACCEPTANCE http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/553-diamond-bank-s-200m-eurobonds-receive-global-acceptance http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/553-diamond-bank-s-200m-eurobonds-receive-global-acceptance Investors worldwide have indicated a warm acceptance of the Diamond Bank brand at its recently concluded inaugural Eurobond issuance exercise with the printing of $200mn worth of bonds with a maturity of 5 years. 

Commenting on the successful completion of the road show with international fixed income investors, Group Managing Director/CEO of the Bank, Dr. Alex Otti said the Bank is pleased with the turn of events as it demonstrates a global acceptance of the efforts aimed as positioning the Bank as a market leader.

“The successful issuance of the Eurobonds is yet another milestone in the growth trajectory of the bank. Three years ago, we embarked on the task of transforming Diamond Bank into a leading player in the Nigeria Banking industry and having moved four positions from the 11th largest bank in terms of total assets size to 6th, we are quite convinced that we are on the right path. The success of this Eurobonds issuance exercise has effectively launched Diamond Bank into the international market and we will continue to tap from this opportunity in a phased manner as the opportunities present themselves,” said Dr. Otti.

The bank had recently announced its intention to meet with international fixed income investors on a roadshow with a target to raise between $200mn and $300mn.

Explaining the rationale behind the capital raising exercise and the decision of the Bank to peg the maturity of the funds at 5 years, Chief Financial Officer of the Bank, Mr. Abdulrahman Yinusa said, “The proceeds of the bonds will be used to fund growth of the business.  With the remarkable growth we have recorded in the last three years, we have grown our loan book significantly, with a large portion of the loans extended to major players in the Oil and Gas, Telecommunications and Power sectors.”

“In addition, we will deploy some of the proceeds into funding our short tenured Trade Finance transactions, which is another area of strength for the Bank. Though we are currently the 6th largest bank in the country, we have consistently ranked amongst the top 3 in Trade Finance. This led to us to receive the award of the Best Issuing Bank in Sub-Sahara Africa by the International Finance Corporation (IFC), an arm of the World Bank earlier this year,” concluded Mr. Yinusa.

Diamond Bank’s recently issued Eurobonds have been rated “B”, by both Standard & Poor’s and FitchRatings riding on the enterprise rating of the Bank by both rating agencies.

It will be recalled that the Bank in its audited full year accounts for 2013 declared a profit before tax of N32bn.  For two consecutive years, the Bank has also been named the Best Oil and Gas Investment Bank by the London-based World Finance magazine.

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DIAMOND BANK PROMOTES OVER 450 STAFF http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/537-diamond-bank-promotes-over-450-staff http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/537-diamond-bank-promotes-over-450-staff Diamond Bank PLC recently announced the promotion of more than 450 of its staff across various grade levels. According to the bank’s Head of Corporate Communications Division, Mrs. Ayona Trimnell, “this recent promotion exercise is part of the bank’s annual performance review exercise as the bank seeks to continuously recognize and reward members of staff who have excelled in the workplace. At Diamond, we have always maintained that the Bank’s performance is linked to the quality of the staff it retains. As such, in the last few days, more than 450 members of staff who have excelled have been promoted.

This recent promotion exercise marks a double celebration for staff of the Bank as the Bank recently declared an unprecedented profit after tax of N28.5billion for the last financial year ended. This signifies an impressive 29% growth in the Bank’s profit in an industry that showed largely dwindling financial performance in the last financial year as a result of stifling regulations and negative global economic outcomes.

“For us to continue to perform excellently like we did in 2013, we have to recruit and retain the best people in the industry. That is why, every year, we recruit the best talent in the industry, and also assess our staff on the basis of key performance indicators (KPIs) and deliverables”, said Mrs. Trimnell.

Diamond Bank has consistently emerged as one of the largest employer of talent in the Nigerian Banking industry with well over 2,224 new recruits in the last financial year, of which 1,181are fresh graduates from reputable Universities around the country. The Bank boasts of a robust personnel engagement strategy that helps it to continually attract and retain the best talent in the industry. This is in fulfillment of its corporate vision of becoming a leading financial institution, with the best people, providing unequalled customer experience and delivering superior shareholder value.

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FY 2013: DIAMOND BANK CONSOLIDATES PROFITABLE GROWTH WITH 29% INCREASE IN PROFIT AFTER TAX http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/535-fy-2013-diamond-bank-consolidates-profitable-growth-with-29-increase-in-profit-after-tax http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/535-fy-2013-diamond-bank-consolidates-profitable-growth-with-29-increase-in-profit-after-tax Diamond Bank PLC has continued on the path of excellent financial performance, delivering a double digit return on equity as it announced a 16.7% increase in profit before tax to N32.1billion for the full year ended December 31, 2013. On the back of the very good performance, the bank has proposed a dividend of 30k per 50k ordinary shares.

In a statement released from its head office in Lagos, Group Managing Director / Chief Executive Officer of the Bank, Dr. Alex Otti, stated “We are pleased to announce that Diamond Bank has exceeded its N30 billion profit guidance to return a profit before tax of N32 billion in 2013. This result is rooted in our strength to attract low-cost deposits and deploy these into various assets at profitable yet acceptable risk levels”.

While the bank achieved a net interest income of N104.6billion (up 17.1% from N89.3billion recorded in 2012), it generated interest and similar income of N143.1 billion (up 27.3% from N112.4billion earned in 2012). Diamond Bank also achieved a 46.2% increase in other income from N23.8billion it recorded in the preceding year to an impressive to N34.8billion in 2013.

Diamond Bank’s 2013 financial results also show improvement in various areas of the Group balance sheet with loans and advances to customers increasing by 17.8% to N689.2 billion; deposits from customers increasing by 32.5% to N1,206.0 billion.

 In 2013, Diamond Bank extended its frontiers to the United Kingdom when it opened its UK Subsidiary - Diamond Bank UK Plc. The group has enjoyed significant synergy from the expansion into the UK market.

Diamond Bank is regarded as the leading bank in SME and retail business in Nigeria. The bank, which has banking  subsidiaries in Republic of Benin, Togo, Cote D’Ivoire and Senegal has deployed the retail model across these West African Countries and this has expedited its earnings and strengthened its balance sheet with capacity to generate significant low-cost deposit across the West African coast.

The GMD added: “Despite the challenging operating environment, we continue to advance our competitive advantage with above industry balance sheet growth. We will continue to explore all opportunities to grow our business and market share responsibly as we leverage on our growing customer relationships, enhanced by our expansive delivery channels and excellent service delivery.

Diamond Bank Plc is one of Nigeria’s leading banks, providing financial services to corporate and individual customers across Nigeria and West Africa.


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Diamond Bank Sponsors 24th NUGA Games http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/523-diamond-bank-sponsors-24th-nuga-games http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/523-diamond-bank-sponsors-24th-nuga-games Diamond Bank Plc., Nigeria’s leading retail bank, will be the lead sponsor of the 24th edition of the Nigerian Universities Games Association (NUGA) competition.

The event, which will hold between February 12-22, 2014 at the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife, Osun State, will attract over 60 universities and 7,000 athletes that will feature in 15 different sports, includingTrack & Field, Badminton, Basketball, Chess, Cricket, Handball and Judo. Others are Hockey, Football, Swimming, Table tennis, Taekwondo, Tennis and Volleyball.


According to Mrs Ayona Trimnell, Head of Corporate Communications, Diamond Bank Plc, the bank’s support for the event is part of its sponsorship programmes targeted at supporting the dreams and aspirations of Nigerian youths.


She said: “As a responsible corporate citizen, we recognise the role competitive sports play in developing well-rounded youths. The NUGA Games provides that needed platform for sportsmanship and competitiveness, hence our decision to add it to our sponsorship portfolio to ensure that the youths get the best of the experience.”

In order to create better awareness for the Games beyond the vicinity of the host university, the bank has finalized plans for the airing of the daily highlights on: Supersport, CoolFM, Wazobia FM and Nigeria Info FM. The daily highlights will include news, interviews, results, side attractions, among others.


Trimnell added that the NUGA Games would also provide the bank a good platform to launch Diamond S.W.A.G., its newly designed product meant for the youth segment.

She said: “We have just developed a new product called the Diamond S.W.A.G. which we expect to create value for our young customers; to enable and empower them for the future. We see the NUGA fiesta as a good platform to launch this product and partner the students in building a secured future.”


Trimnell also informed that Diamond Bank has lined up a number of activities and side attractions to add to the fun and excitement of the event.

“The Bank is instituting a daily ‘NUGA Challenge’ at the Arena where interested students can come and ‘rep’ their respective universities”.  Also participants will stand a chance to win N50k or N100k in the DiamondXtra Special NUGA draw at the Diamond S.W.A.G. Concert, plus lots of exciting giveaways, including a VIP ticket to the Diamond SWAG Concert which will feature a mystery guest artiste on the 22nd of February 2014,” she added.

Click HERE to watch the Dimaond Bank NUGA Games Montage. 

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AFRICAN GUARANTEE FUND PARTNERS DIAMOND BANK TO SUPPORT SMALL BUSINESSES IN WEST AFRICA http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/522-african-guarantee-fund-partners-diamond-bank-to-support-small-businessesin-west-africa http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/522-african-guarantee-fund-partners-diamond-bank-to-support-small-businessesin-west-africa More support has come the way of leading retail bank, Diamond Bank PLC in its drive to provide adequate support for Micro Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (MSMEs) in West Africa. This time, the African Guarantee Fund (AGF) has entered into an agreement with Diamond to support the bank’s lending to small businesses in the region to the tune of USD 25 Million.

Speaking at a press conference held after the partnership agreement signing ceremony, Executive Director – Retail Banking, Diamond Bank PLC, Mr. Uzoma Dozie, said the Bank was delighted by the partnership as it was an indication that the Bank’s support for MSMEs is laudable and that the Bank would continue to provide more support for the vital business segment.

According to the Chief Executive Officer, African Guarantee Fund, Mr. Felix Bikpo, “In Africa, majority of the economic growth is trade driven. Once trade is backed out, we have little or nothing.AGF is positioned to drive real economic development that takes Africa back to what it was in the past where a lot of its growth was driven at the local level. What we are doing in the AGF is to partner with like-minded institutions to provide adequate support for MSMEs to function actively in thesector. We are glad to partner with Diamond Bank as we have found their MSME support strategy to be the right one.”

Under the terms of the USD 25 Million agreement, Diamond Bank affiliates in Togo, Benin, Senegal, Côte d’Ivoire and Nigeria will work together with AGF to increase lending to MSMEs to unlock the potentials within them in the region.

“One of the major constraints faced by small businesses is the restricted access to credit. MSMEs cannot access finance due to unavailable or inadequate collateral security, lack of financial or other records and are therefore perceived as highly risky by banks. What we seek to achieve with this partnership is to provide unsecurelending to small businesses to the tune of USD 25 million with the AGF guarantying or, if you like, insuring 50% of the funds. This partnership would also help us extend our MSME support franchise to Diamond Bank subsidiaries in Franco-phone West Africa for we believe they constitute the engine of economic growth for the region,” explained Mr. Jude Anele, Head of the Retail Banking Division at Diamond Bank.

Launched in 2012, theAfrican Guarantee Fund is a joint venture between the African Development Bank, the Danish and Spanish Governments. The organisation is a permanent regional conduit for channeling guarantees and technical assistance to financial institutions in Africa with the objective of generating enhanced growth in the MSME sector, thereby creating increased employment opportunities in African economies.

Diamond Bank has come to be regarded as the leading supporter of small businesses in Nigeria, granting well over N120 billion in loans to more than 120,000 MSMEs in Nigeria since 2009. The Bank boasts of a dedicated MSME team with a deep understanding of the concerns bothering small businesses and have consequently developed a methodology that has allowed the bank lend to MSMEs with little or no collateral security. The Bank also provides non-financial support ranging from access-to-market initiatives to capacity-building seminars and clinics to MSMEs.

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DIAMOND UNVEILS NEW TV COMMERCIAL IN COMMEMORATION OF NIGERIA’S CENTENARY http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/521-diamond-unveils-new-tv-commercial-in-commemoration-of-nigeria-s-centenary http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/521-diamond-unveils-new-tv-commercial-in-commemoration-of-nigeria-s-centenary As a proudly Nigerian brand, leading bank, Diamond Bank PLC has unveiled a television commercial in celebration of the country’s centenary celebrations scheduled for 2014.


Diamond Bank which began business in 1991 has over 200 branches across Nigeria and presence in Francophone West Africa countries as well as in the United Kingdom. The Bank is adjudged the largest supporter of small businesses in Nigeria.


To watch the TV commercial, please go to http://youtu.be/L8y7su0NjbE

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DIAMOND BANK RECEIVES PCI DSS CERTIFICATION FOR IMPROVED CUSTOMER TRANSACTION SECURITY http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/518-diamond-bank-receives-pci-dss-certification-for-improved-customer-transaction-security http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/518-diamond-bank-receives-pci-dss-certification-for-improved-customer-transaction-security In a bid to improve overall customer experience and to foster an improved security framework for card-based transactions, leading customer-centric Bank, Diamond Bank PLC has received the PCI DSS certification for its debit and credit cards.

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a global security standard that helps to prevent card and data fraud by evaluating payment account data security and assessing an organization's network architecture, software design, security policies, procedures and protective practices. Diamond Bank received the certificate following the successful audit of the Bank by the PCI Security Standards Council earlier this year.

Expressing the Bank’s delight on the certification by the PCI Security Standards Council, Mrs. Ayona Trimnell, Head, Corporate Communications of the Bank said the Bank was pleased to receive the certificate after the rigorous audit exercise.

According to Mrs. Trimnell, “The award of the PCI DSS certificate marks the end of a rigorous audit exercise that saw Control Case LLC, a United States based Qualified Security Assessor and one of the world's best Qualified Security Assessors validate the various frameworks we have put in place to ensure our customers carry out card-based transactions in a secured environment. We are pleased to receive this award as it further demonstrates our unrelenting drive to provide unparallel customer experience.”

The PCI requirements were developed by the PCI Security Standards Council, which includes the 5 major payment card issuers -MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover and JCB International -to help facilitate broad adoption of data security best practices worldwide.

“For us in Diamond, this certificate is not an end in itself as it will propel us to continuously evolve ways of not only satisfying our customers but exceeding their expectations. Now as always, Diamond customers can enjoy seamless, secured card-based transactions with our numerous credit and debit cards,” continued Mrs. Trimnell.

Diamond Bank is a market leader in the deployment of cutting edge technology in servicing its customers. It will be recalled that the Bank pioneered the online real-time banking with the Diamond Integrated Banking System (DIBS) in 1992. Diamond currently boasts of a bouquet of value adding propositions and services.

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Diamond Bank Rounds Off Financial Literacy Training for Artisans http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/517-diamond-bank-rounds-off-financial-literacy-training-for-artisans http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/517-diamond-bank-rounds-off-financial-literacy-training-for-artisans Diamond Bank Plc, a major player in commercial banking in Nigeria with a huge interest in Micro, Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (MSMEs) has successfully rounded off the first leg of its‘Financial Literacy Training for Artisans’ scheme. The scheme is a first-of-its-kind Corporate Sustainability Responsibility (CSR) initiative by a Nigerian Bank, and was organized in collaboration with the Lagos State government.

The training programme, which sought to provide artisans and small business owners with basic information on how to start, nurture and grow their businesses, commenced on Monday, December 2 and ran till Thursday, December 5, 2013 at different Skill Acquisition Centres across Lagos State.

Beneficiaries were enlightened on how to translate their skills into profitable businesses, register their businesses, raise capital, access loans from financial institutions and reach target markets. The training sessions were facilitated by personnel of Diamond Bank Plc as part of its Employee Volunteer Scheme (EVS).

Uzoma Dozie, Executive Director, Diamond Bank PLC, and one of the facilitators at the trainings, described the scheme as Diamond Bank’s way of giving back to society in a more impactful way.

He said, “Our area of concentration in banking is the MSME and this initiative is a way of further projecting that course. We feel a commitment to create more entrepreneurs and new businesses that will eventually partner with us in the nearest future to create a better economy for our country.”

Mrs. Ayona Trimnell, Head, Corporate Communications at Diamond Bank, who was also a facilitator, stated that the scheme is a continuation of the bank’s bid to support and grow MSMEs in Nigeria, an area in which Diamond Bank is a clear leader.

She said, “This initiative is a part of our CSR thrust and a continuation of our bid to increase financial and non-financial offerings in support of MSMEs in Nigeria. We recognize the fact that the jobs are no longer out there and that the answer to this situation is entrepreneurship which is what we are here to encourage through this scheme.”

Beneficiaries at the different Skill Acquisition Centres where the training were held, expressed gratitude to Diamond Bank and affirmed that they had learnt a lot from the sessions.

Michael Johnson Ikeni, a beneficiary at the Anthony Village Skill Acquisition Centre is into Events Management. He confessed that his initial orientation and perspective about his business is already changing as a result of the things he had learned from the training.

Ikeni said: “Initially when we were told that some people were coming I did not want to stay because I thought it would be a waste of time. But I thank God I stayed back. Now I’m already having a change of perspective towards my business, because I have learnt a lot of new things that will definitely impact on my business”. He expressed the hope that other corporate organisations will take a cue from this initiative of Diamond Bank.

Mrs. Trimnell, who noted that many of the participants were university and polytechnic graduates, also disclosed that the scheme is not a one-off project but will be taken to other locations in the nearest future.

Over the years Diamond Bank has continued to blaze the trail in supporting MSMEs in Nigeria, through several empowerment programmes. This has won both local and international recognition for the Bank.

aoshilaja@diamondbank.com (Adewunmi Oshilaja) Fri, 06 Dec 2013 13:20:55 +0000
DIAMOND BANK RECEIVES FINANCIAL INSTITUTION OF THE YEAR AWARD http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/516-diamond-bank-receives-financial-institution-of-the-year-award http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/516-diamond-bank-receives-financial-institution-of-the-year-award Diamond Bank Plc, a leading commercial Bank in the country has received the financial institution of the year award from the Petroleum Technology Association of Nigeria (PETAN).

The award which was presented by the association during the recent 2013 PETAN Industry Achievement Awards in Lagos was in recognition of Diamond Bank’s support for various indigenous Oil and Gas companies in the country.

PETAN is a non-profit organization whose members are Nigerian Oil Service Companies operating in the Upstream and Downstream technical services sectors of the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry. Top on its agenda is to promote the domestication of petroleum technology by striving for fair and extensive patronage of the efficient and competitive indigenous Nigerian Oilfield Service companies.

According to Mr. Emeka Ene, Chairman of PETAN, Diamond Bank’s award as the financial institution of the year was an unprecedented feat which is a testimony to its funding support to local companies.

Ene noted that after a survey of all the commercial banks in the country, Diamond Bank emerged as the most consistent bank in the support of indigenous companies in the oil and gas sector of the economy.

Speaking to newsmen at the event, the Group Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, Diamond Bank Plc, Dr. Alex Otti, represented by Head, Infrastructure and Transport, Diamond Bank Plc, Mr. Ehianeta Ebhohimhen, ascribed the award to the Bank’s well defined operating strategy, the commitment of the employees and adherence to values that include hardwork, discipline, a passion for excellence and a service focused culture.

Otti noted that the award was a further demonstration of the Bank’s commitment to grow the economy and it is positive the Nigerian public appreciates the Bank’s activities.

He also expressed his deep appreciation for the recognition and pledged his organization’s continued support for the local content initiative.

Also, Head Energy, Diamond Bank Plc, Mr. Luqman Agboola, said the Bank has done a lot to support the Nigeria indigenous companies in the Oil and Gas sector.

“As a matter of fact, indigenous companies account for 90 per cent of our loan portfolio in Diamond. One thing that sets us apart in Diamond is that we have the people that understand the industry, and because of that we crave to add value to the economy. Winning the award shows that members of PETAN appreciate what we were doing to support the oil and gas industry. We are excited at receiving this award and we will continue to do more do develop our Oil and Gas industry in the future,” he said.

It will also be recalled that Diamond Bank has won the award of the Best Oil and Gas Investment Company in Africa by World Finance Magazine for the second year in a row.

aoshilaja@diamondbank.com (Adewunmi Oshilaja) Mon, 02 Dec 2013 13:34:52 +0000
DIAMOND BANK LEVERAGES INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS TO POST N25.62BN PBT FOR Q3 2013 http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/514-diamond-bank-leverages-innovative-products-to-post-n25-62bn-pbt-for-q3-2013 http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/514-diamond-bank-leverages-innovative-products-to-post-n25-62bn-pbt-for-q3-2013 Diamond Bank PLC has announced its 2013 Quarter 3 results, reporting a 10% growth in profit before tax when compared to the corresponding period of 2012. The bank posted a profit before tax of N25.6 billion.

In a statement released to newsmen from its corporate head office in Lagos, the Group Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Bank, Dr. Alex Otti, stated that the bank was delighted by the positive results as it demonstrated sustainable growth in its business. He added that the impressive figures were driven mainly by the wide acceptance of the Bank’s products.

According to Dr Otti, “We at Diamond Bank are pleased to report continued success in implementing our strategy across the group as demonstrated by sustained growth in our balance sheet and profitability. Our innovative product offerings have continued to gain traction and availed the Bank access to a larger portion of the un(der)banked population, with total deposits from customers increasing 17% from our December 2012 levels.”

Diamond Bank’s Q3 2013 results show improvement in various areas of the group balance sheet for the first nine months of the year with total assets increasing by 17% to N1.3 trillion; loans and advances to customers increasing by 17% to N681.8 billion; and a 9% decline in non-performing loans ratio amongst others.


It will be recalled that in the course of the year the bank embarked on a number of initiatives in a bid to consolidate its market leadership in the retail banking space and further improve on its performance. These include the launch of the Agency Banking model – the BETA product, in partnership with Women’s World Banking (WWB); the launch of a dedicated proposition targeted at secondary and primary schools –the Diamond School Xpress Proposition; and the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with a leading telecoms services operator for the launch of a hybrid bank account –the Diamond Y’ello Account.


“We are delighted by these positive results and the achievement of sustainable growth in our business. Our sound risk management practices combined with the alignment of the Bank's service, control and other support functions have facilitated excellent service delivery across our market segments and positioned Diamond Bank to continue delivering sustainable returns at acceptable risk levels going forward,” concluded Dr. Otti.

Diamond Bank Plc is one of Nigeria’s leading banks, providing financial services to corporate and individual customers across Nigeria, West Africa and the United Kingdom.


aaderibigbe-banzi@diamondbank.com (Adebowale Aderibigbe-Banzi) Wed, 30 Oct 2013 08:35:11 +0000
DIAMOND BANK PLC ANNOUNCES GROWTH IN OPERATING INCOME http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/484-diamond-bank-plc-announces-growth-in-operating-income http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/484-diamond-bank-plc-announces-growth-in-operating-income Diamond Bank remains on track to deliver superior returns to Shareholders at year end with an impressive H1 result after declaring a profit before tax of N17.6 billion- an increase of 14% from N15.4 billion in June 2012.

 This is reported in the Bank’s Unaudited H1 Results for 2013 prepared in accordance to the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), released to the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) and made available to financial correspondents in Lagos, Nigeria.

 Speaking from the Bank’s Corporate Head Office in Lagos, Dr. Alex Otti, Group Managing Director/CEO of Diamond Bank commented, “We are proud of the latest set of results which underline the sustainable financial robustness we have achieved following our consistent growth and overall balance sheet efficiency.”

A closer review of the Profit in the period under review, Diamond Bank recorded an operating income of N57.2 billion in H1 of 2013 compared to N44.5 billion reported in the same period of year 2012.

Similarly, interest income of the Bank rose by 35% in the H1 period which ended June 30, 2013 as Diamond Bank posted N70.1 billion compared to N52.1 billion in the corresponding period of 2012.

According to Dr. Otti, “Our innovative and customer focused services gives us access to a faster growing share of Nigeria’s newly emerging bankable population, while maintaining our strong net interest margin in an increasingly competitive environment.”

The Bank showed good appetite in funding the real sector with loans and advances to customers going up by 7% to N624.5 billion as against N585.2 billion in December 2012.

 Total Assets of the Bank now stand at N1.3 trillion up 13% from N1.2 trillion in December 2012, while deposits from customers rose to N1.03 trillion up 13% from N910 billion in December 2012.

“With a strong Retail product innovation strategy showing positive results as well as consistent sound risk management practices, Diamond Bank is firmly positioned to continue delivering sustainable returns in 2013 and beyond.” concludes Dr. Otti.

Diamond Bank Plc, is one of Nigeria’s foremost banks, providing comprehensive banking and other financial services to Corporate and individual customers across Nigeria, West Africa and the United Kingdom.

aaderibigbe-banzi@diamondbank.com (Adebowale Aderibigbe-Banzi) Wed, 31 Jul 2013 17:11:18 +0000
DIAMOND BANK- “THE LARGEST EMPLOYER OF TALENT IN THE NIGERIAN BANKING INDUSTRY” http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/482-diamond-bank-the-largest-employer-of-talent-in-the-nigerian-banking-industry http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/482-diamond-bank-the-largest-employer-of-talent-in-the-nigerian-banking-industry
Diamond Bank has recently concluded its Annual Performance Review exercise. This is in line with global best practices where institutions periodically review their human resource talent as a means of driving their corporate growth agenda.

According to Mrs. Ayona Trimnell, Head, Corporate Communications, Diamond Bank PLC, “The recent performance review is an annual exercise for us at Diamond as we seek to continuously recognize and reward members of staff who have excelled. We believe that the Bank’s performance is linked to the quality of the staff it retains. As such, in the last few days, 677 staff members who have excelled have been promoted, while 61 members of staff, who have consistently performed poorly over the last three years, have been disengaged.”

The statement also indicates that the performance review exercise is hinged on the Bank’s Enterprise Assessment Framework called the Balanced Score Card. The framework spells out carefully itemized parameters with which members of staff are measured and these parameters are communicated to all staff at the beginning of each financial year.

With well over 1,600 new recruits in the last financial year, of which 1,352 are fresh graduates from reputable Universities around the country, Diamond Bank is the largest employer of Talent in the Nigerian Banking industry. The Bank boasts of a robust personnel engagement strategy that helps it to continually attract and retain the best talent in the industry. This is in fulfillment of its corporate vision of becoming a leading financial institution, with the best people, providing unequalled customer experience and delivering superior shareholder value.

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DIAMOND BANK LAUNCHES NEW CAMPAIGN http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/480-diamond-bank-launches-new-campaign http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/480-diamond-bank-launches-new-campaign Diamond Bank is set to break its new campaign to undoubtedly claim its position as one of the leading financial institutions in Nigeria- providing customers with tangible financial solutions tailored specifically to suit their lifestyle.

Following a successful brand refresh in November 2012 where the Brand saw changes in its colours moving away from the monosyllabic greys and dark tones to more vibrant colours, the motive was to make the brand more approachable in line with its’ positioning as a leading Retail bank in Nigeria.

For more than twenty years, Diamond Bank has built equity as a strong reliable salient bank. Relatively unscathed by the upheavals of the Nigerian Banking sector in the 1990s and more recently, the Bank is now considered one of the foremost banks in lending to customers, SME banking and corporate banking especially in the oil and gas sector.

In a highly delicate and competitive banking environment with little or no product differentiation and where products are easily replicated, Banks must seek to clearly define their role and product positioning. Diamond Bank’s new media campaign “you need a new bank,” reminds customers of the power of choice especially when it comes to choosing a bank. As customers are becoming more discerning of banking products and services, the Bank is putting a stake in the ground- armed with a portfolio of products and technology to produce faster and more efficient services, the question becomes ‘’why do you stay with a Bank that does not meet your needs?” said Ayona Trimnell, Head Corporate Communications, Diamond Bank Plc.

The concept for the new campaign has been developed in collaboration with X3treme Media a young dynamic Agency based in Lagos. The message, albeit intently challenging, pulls in humour and tongue in cheek dialogue to drive the message to the customer.

The campaign will be carried across all touch points- print, radio, outdoor and television and will be aired Monday June 17th 2013.

adcsolutions@diamondbank.com (Super User) Tue, 02 Jul 2013 18:29:38 +0000
DIAMOND BANK LAUNCHES BRANCHLESS BANKING ON BANKONE http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/479-diamond-bank-launches-branchless-banking-on-bankone http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/479-diamond-bank-launches-branchless-banking-on-bankone London-listed Nigerian banking behemoth Diamond Bank has intensified its focus on delivering financial services to the under-banked in the informal sector by launching its "branchless banking" service on BankOne, a mobile banking application which allows instant account opening and registration. The application is designed and developed by AppZone, a fast-growing technology company.

The integration of the branchless banking on the BankOne platform, will allow Diamond Bank acquire and easily migrate all mass market accounts and ensure customers get quality service.

BankOne shall be deployed alongside Diamond Bank’s core banking platform to ensure an up-to-date record of customers using the new product plus a robust central accounting and reporting system.

The pilot phase of this value-added service named ‘Beta Friends’ will involve the recruitment and deployment of agents to the streets of Lagos to push the new product. These agents will be armed with mobile phones equipped with the BankOne mobile banking application which will enable them to open bank accounts on the field and also issue instant debit cards.
This unique banking product is tailored to provide target customers with "branchless" access to basic financial services via more than 10,000 ATMs nationwide as well as through numerous mobile Agents.
A range of value added services including Mobile Banking, Inter-Bank transfers, and bills payments are also available to customers.

To facilitate this, Appzone has integrated the Bankone system into Diamond Bank’s core banking platform to enable real-time visibility of transactions as they occur on customer accounts and integration into Interswitch's system to facilitate ATM access.

The partnership between Diamond Bank and Appzone will lead to a significant surge in the number of accounts created for customers in the informal sector which in turn shall contribute to the Bank’s target of delivering quality financial services to customers in this sector of the economy.

BankOne is the leading core-banking and electronic payments platform for microfinance and primary mortgage banks.

BankOne's parent company AppZone has partnerships with five commercial banks and two financial switches in Nigeria.

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Diamond Bank and Inspire Africa discover Naija Diamonds http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/248-diamond-bank-and-inspire-africa-discover-naija-diamonds http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/248-diamond-bank-and-inspire-africa-discover-naija-diamonds As Nigeria turns 50, Diamond Bank and Inspire Africa have rolled out the drums to celebrate the true Nigerian Spirit by unveiling Naija Diamonds; a 6-part TV documentary series.

According to a statement issued by Mo Abudu; the founder of Inspire Africa and Executive Producer of hit talk-show Moments with Mo, Naija Diamonds is created to showcase and celebrate 36 “unsung heroes and world class Nigerians whose lifestyles and values serve as a standard for generations to come.

Naija Diamonds will bring to limelight everyday people who have done significant things to change and challenge their environment positively, those who have come up with creative solutions to manage and change their situations. They are the unsung heroes in our mist. You can find feel or notice the impact of their actions, their initiatives, their solutions. But you can hardly find them on the list of achievers,” she stated.

Mo further stated that selection would be via a thorough screening of nominations made by the general public. Nominations are open to undiscovered Nigerians who have by their own tenacity and determination, accomplished something or have been catalysts for outstanding feats that make them worthy of celebration.

Nominees must be worthy Nigerians with no gender, ethnic, religious or other restrictions. Nominations open on May 30 and closes June 27, 2010 while nomination forms are available at www.naijadiamonds.com. Naija Diamonds will be on air on major satellite and terrestrial TV stations; every Friday for 6 weeks, starting from October 1, 2010.

Speaking on Diamond Bank’s involvement in the project, the Head Corporate Communications of the bank; Charles Udoh noted that Naija Diamonds is part of the bank’s commitment towards giving unsung Nigerian heroes their pride of place in the annals of the country’s history. According to Udoh, the project is another platform through which Diamond Bank gives back to the society.

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Diamond Bank Crashes Retail Loan Rates http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/246-diamond-bank-crashes-retail-loan-rates http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/246-diamond-bank-crashes-retail-loan-rates As part of its initiatives to ease the effects of the global credit crunch and boost consumer lending, Diamond Bank, one of Nigeria’s leading banks, is once more blazing the trail as it has crashed all its retail lending rates. In addition, the Bank is launching Nigerian’s first ever fixed mortgage rate.

Speaking to journalists in Lagos, the Head, Corporate Communications, Diamond Bank, Charles Udoh revealed that the Bank has dropped interest rates on all retail lending products by up to 5% per annum, adding that the rates apply to all new lending from 1st April, 2010. They will also apply to all existing borrowing that is not delinquent. All delinquent debt or customers in default will stay on their existing rate until the accounts are regularized.

“As part of our contributions towards boosting the growth and development of the Nigerian economy, especially at this critical period of recession, we are expanding our lending window. We have even moved a notch up in this initiative by crashing all our retail lending rates. Doing this, we strongly believe will create access to facilities required to drive the economy” said Mr. Udoh.

Among the affected consumer products, according to Udoh, are Mortgages loans now pegged at 20% variable with 2% one off fee (no annual fees) and the usual security and insurance requirements; auto Loans which is now 22% variable with 2.5% one off fees (includes free death cover); Personal Loans and Leases which he said is now 23% variable with 2.5% one off fees (includes free death cover); while the Macro, Small, Medium Enterprises (MSME) that are (secured)- revolving credit and asset purchase loans is 24% with 2.5% one off fee (includes free death cover on nominated key person); MSME (unsecured) - revolving credit and asset purchase loans is 25% plus 2.5% one-off fee (includes free death cover on nominated key person).

“We are fully aware ofthe challenges many Nigerians are passing through in acquiring their dream homes, that is why we are setting the pace in the mortgage industry with the introduction of our new Fixed Rate Mortgage pegged at 18.75% fixed until 30th September 2011. It comes with a fee of N125,000 plus the normal 2% fee in addition to security and insurance arrangements. This is the first of its kind in Nigeria,” he stated.

Mr. Udoh stated that Diamond Bank is proud to offer a wide range of consumer loan products for a variety of purposes. “We are leading the industry in driving down rates. We are open for business and keen to lend. We are innovative (Nigeria’s first ever FIXED RATE MORTGAGE).  We are being fair to all new customers and all existing borrower. We care about our customers. Whether you are ready for a new car, the pleasure a new house can bring, to take that dream vacation you have always wanted or to consolidate your existing debt into a more manageable monthly payment, we can help make your dreams and plans a reality. Most importantly, applying for loan is now easy and convenient,” he said.

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Diamond Bank Honors Staff at Long Service Award Night http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/244-diamond-bank-honors-staff-at-long-service-award-night http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/244-diamond-bank-honors-staff-at-long-service-award-night As part of its culture of appreciating staff contributions to its rapid growth, Diamond Bank Plc recently in Lagos, rewarded some of its staff that have spent 10 years and above in service to the Bank.

Speaking at the annual Award Night, the Group Managing Director of Diamond Bank Plc, Mr. Emeka Onwuka stated that the Bank has a culture of rewarding excellence and loyalty. The recognition of performance and long service is a vital aspect of our corporate strategies.  Clearly, we could not have reached the height we have attained today if we did not have the crop of staff with the capacity and the desire to serve and serve well at all levels, he stated.

He urged the younger staff to emulate the old ones, saying that long serving staff have wealth of knowledge, skills and institutional memory to handle most tasks. The long serving staff we are celebrating today have deep knowledge and understanding of the Bank's culture and operational dynamics which the younger ones can easily learn from. Many of them today remained loyal to the Brand even during trying times. To them, I want to offer my sincere congratulations and to the young ones, I will urge you to emulate the long serving staff, he said

Onwuka stated that Diamond Bank had recently embarked on several in-house initiatives, aimed at making it an employer of choice.  Being an employer of choice is all about recognizing and rewarding staff for their outstanding contributions to an organization. For us in Diamond Bank, we seek to continually manage the aspirations of our employees through adoption of best practices in our Human Capital Management. And to retain some of the best talents in the industry, we have also introduced some measures such as competitive wage structure, performance linked incentive, employee development programmes, he said

In addition, Onwuka stated that Diamond Bank tries as much as possible to create an enabling environment which inspires an innovative, competent and loyal workforce. At Diamond Bank, listening to our employees through various feedback mechanisms and acting upon them have been a key part of our culture. And I can assure you that we will continue to strengthen our workforce competencies, reward performance and continue to create  professional development opportunities, job flexibility as well as defined career paths that nurture an employees career growth he stated.

It could be recalled that Diamond Bank had in furtherance to its strategy of being the employer of choice, recently reviewed its working hours, pegging all official works to close by 7.pm to enable its staff join their respective families before night falls. This initiative was applauded both in the Bank and the industry in general.

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DG National Lottery Regulatory Commission Endorses DIAMOND SAVINGSXTRA's Draw Process http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/241-dg-national-lottery-regulatory-commission-endorses-diamond-savingsxtra-s-draw-process http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/241-dg-national-lottery-regulatory-commission-endorses-diamond-savingsxtra-s-draw-process The transparency and efficiency embedded in the Diamond Bank’s Savingsxtra draw process have been commended by the National Lottery Regulatory Commission.
Speaking at the December Surprise Draw of the Savingsxtra reward campaign held in Lagos on December 30, 2009, the Director General of the commission, Mr. Peter Ighoh, who was represented by the Deputy Director (Regulation/Monitoring), Prince Emmanuel Jeminiwa, stated that the commission was impressed by the level of transparency and efficiency with which winners emerged in the draw.
“Having witnessed today’s draw, we can categorically say that the draw process was transparent, rigorous and efficient. We have seen the sincerity of purpose in what the Bank is doing and its promise to customers, fulfilled”, he said.
He further maintained that part of the commission’s responsibility is to ensure that draws follow the guidelines as stipulated by the law. Adding that having witnessed the Bank’s draw process, he can say that it followed the rules.
“We will continue to support those who do the right things and as for Diamond Bank, we will advise your customers to continue to participate in the draws as there are equal opportunities for each of them. It is not easy to put together over 7million tickets, analyze them and electronically generate winners randomly”, he stated.
Also speaking during the draw was John Anyanwu, an auditor representing KPMG, who was there to oversee all the proceedings at the draw, stated that since the inception of the draw in 2008, Diamond Bank had remained consistent with the outlined rules and guidelines for the draw. “There is absolute transparency in the draws and I can assure everybody that all the results from the draws so far have remained credible and transparent. I can equally testify that the draw held here today is in line with all the laid down procedures guiding this campaign.  All account holders of the Bank who are eligible to participate in this draw participated, and no customer was given undue advantage to emerge as a winner. All winners emerged from a free and fair draw process today,” he stated.  
For a customer to qualify to participate in Diamond Banks SavingsXtra campaign a customer is required to have a minimum balance of N5, 000 in their SavingsXtra account to stand a chance of winning. New customers, however, will be required to open a SavingsXtra account and start maintaining a minimum balance of N5, 000 until the qualifying date for the draw which is the last day of every month.
The SavingsXtra “Salary for Life” Season 2 campaign is a continuation of the Banks SavingsXtra campaign it launched last year to reward its customers. The Bank made history in the first phase of the campaign when it gave away a whooping sum of N50 million to two of its customers as the star prize its campaign.
The SavingsXtra Season 2 is another ground breaking rewards scheme in which Diamond Bank pledged to pay a total of 24 lucky customers a sum of N100, 000 every month for the next 20 years.

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Diamond Bank Celebrates Its Customers http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/235-diamond-bank-celebrates-its-customers http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/235-diamond-bank-celebrates-its-customers The Group Managing Director of Diamond Bank Plc, Emeka Onwuka has reiterated the Bank's commitment in delivering quality service to its numerous customers at any point in time, stressing that the Customer is the King.

Speaking through the Executive Director, Technology and Customer Service, Oladele Akinyemi who represented him at the flag off of the 2009 International Customer Week at the Bank's Head Office in Lagos, Mr. Onwuka stated that Diamond Bank opens a vista of history as it joins other service oriented organizations world-wide in celebrating and recognizing the importance of the Customer to the survival of any organization.

At Diamond Bank, superior service delivery has; over the years, remained the fulcrum of our business strategy. Indeed, it is the only way we can seek to differentiate ourselves in the market place. Our brand is built essentially around proving excellent customer service that is equal to none, he stated.

Onwuka noted that at Diamond Bank, staff are encouraged to go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction which explains the myriad of life changing products that Bank has introduced into the market to touch its customers in a variety of ways.

The introduction of our life changing products in the market and our recent expansion schemes are meant to strengthen our partnership with our customers so they could excel in their respective businesses, especially in today's fiercely competitive business environment. Clearly, these initiatives continue to enhance our quality service delivery, and at the same time enables us pay adequate attention to the needs of our customers in different market segments, he stated.

He assured customers of the Bank's continued commitment to deliver quality services to them in an efficient, seamless and cost-effective manner by leveraging on the latest technology, adding that wherever, whenever and whatever services they require from Diamond Bank, he is assuring that they will get it.

Onwuka also thanked customers for choosing Diamond Bank and promised that the Bank will remain resolute in proving tailor-made financial services that best meet their banking needs.

It could be recalled that Diamond had in 2008 introduced SavingsXtra Account, a product solely designed as the Bank's strategy of rewarding its customers for their loyalty. Since the inception of the draw in July, 2008, over 200 customers have won various prizes cutting across cash, cars, Plasma TVs, Motorcycles, generators and above all, Salary 4life etc.  

The reward system expresses Diamond Bank's commitment to enhancing the life style of its customers and the Bank's resolve to rewarding customer loyalty. The Bank has consistently rolled out creative and innovative products and services with positive effects on customer experience.

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Press Centre http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/resources/press-centre http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/resources/press-centre {modulepos presspage|xhtml}

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Diamond Bank grows earnings to N724 billion in 9 months http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/231-diamond-bank-grows-earnings-to-n724-billion-in-9-months http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/231-diamond-bank-grows-earnings-to-n724-billion-in-9-months Diamond Bank has again reaffirmed its position as one of the top players in the premier league of banks in Nigeria with its latest financial report card for the first 9 months of its 2008 / 2009 financial year showing very healthy growth on all indices.

According to the profit and loss statement for the period ended 31 January, 2009, made public by the Bank, its gross earnings grew by 74% from N41.7 billion in the corresponding period of the last year to N72.4 billion. The bank also recorded a profit before tax of N19.8 billion for this 9 months period. This is a 65% increase in profits from N11.966 billion recorded in the corresponding period last year.

Going by these results, industry watchers have projected that the bank; which was recently voted Nigeria's Bank of the year at the annual ThisDay awards, would exceed its performance projections for the full year and continue the trend of rewarding its investors with both dividend and bonus payment annually. According to Bank's Group Managing Director and Chief Executive, Mr. Emeka Onwuka, this impressive scorecard is testimony to the bank's steadfast commitment to quality service delivery, professionalism, transparency and accountability. He also noted these factors have also been the secret of the bank's recent successful forays into Francophone West Africa.

Diamond Bank has over the years maintained a preeminent position as a major player in the Nigerian financial service industry through its consistent remarkable achievements. Only last year, Diamond Bank was voted The Most Improved Bank of the Year at the Annual ThisDay Award Festival. The Bank had earlier emerged as the Best Bank in Mergers and Acquisition following the seamless takeover and integration of former Lion Bank in 2005, adjudged to be the 1st acquisition consummated by any bank in Nigeria during the Banking Consolidation.

Renowned for its innovative and pace-setting role in the Nigerian financial landscape, Diamond Bank; in 2008, became the first African Bank to be listed on the Professional Securities Market (PSM) of the London Stock Exchange (LSE) following the official listing of its $500million Global Depositary Receipts (GDRs). The Bank is also the first Nigerian financial institution to venture into Francophone West Africa with the establishment of a subsidiary in Republic of Benin.

As part of its universal banking strategy, Diamond Bank has investments in promising financial services sub-sectors, including insurance, mortgages, and pension fund custodianship. Over the years, these have improved the growth, earning mix, profitability, and investor value of the Bank. Similarly, the bank has remained firmly focused on achieving its mission of providing world class solutions to its customers. This is evident in the several innovative products the bank has consistently churned out.

For more information, contact
Head, Corporate Communications

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Diamond Bank deepens interest in Oil and Gas Industry http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/229-diamond-bank-deepens-interest-in-oil-and-gas-industry http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/229-diamond-bank-deepens-interest-in-oil-and-gas-industry Diamond Bank Plc has reaffirmed its commitment and support for the Oil & Gas industry in the country as it actively participates as one of the sponsors of the 9th Nigeria Oil & Gas (NOG9) Exhibition and Conference, holding at the International Conference Centre Abuja, starting from February 23-26, 2009.

In a statement, the Bank disclosed that sponsoring the conference is part of its contribution to the development of local content competencies amongst the indigenous oil and gas operators. In addition, it is also putting up a stand to show case its strength in financing specialized projects in the industry.

NOG9 is the premier industry event for professionals, service industries and suppliers to gather and discuss common issues of special mineral development. Technological innovations and forums on economic, social, and political aspects of resource development and environmental protection have been the mainstay of this August gathering.

The statement further revealed that the conference will afford Diamond Bank the opportunity to exhibit its products that are beneficial to participants with a view to creating awareness and assisting the development of Nigerian oil & gas industry especially the local content initiative which is very technical as well as capital intensive. It will also serve as a forum for the Bank to identify constraints that Nigerian contractors face, which are militating against their competitive and active participation in the oil and gas sector.

"Diamond Bank is poised to partner with relevant operators and parastatals within the Oil and Gas industry to meet its set objectives for the sector. To this end, Diamond Bank is showcasing its numerous products tailored to suite the needs of operators in the industry. These products mainly focus on Contract Financing, Loans and Mortgage facilities," the statement said

One of such products is Diamond VISA Credit Card which is the only Credit card in the Nigeria that accepts ONE currency- Naira, for the payment of transactions both within and outside the country.

For Diamond Bank, customer satisfaction and convenient service offering remains the primary reason for business, hence the Bank’s promise to continuously solve customers’ business problems with an absolute commitment to quality.

It could be recalled that Diamond Bank Plc was early in the year, voted the Nigerian Bank of the Year, 2008, at the ThisDay Awards, in recognition of its quality customer service delivery maintained over the years and numerous tailor-made products aimed at meeting the financial needs of its customers.

For more information, contact
Head, Corporate Communications

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Diamond Bank committed to Quality Service Delivery says GMD http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/227-diamond-bank-committed-to-quality-service-delivery-says-gmd http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/227-diamond-bank-committed-to-quality-service-delivery-says-gmd The Group Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Diamond Bank Plc, Mr. Emeka Onwuka has reassured of the Bank's commitment to remain customer-centric in its financial service delivery, as he urged its numerous customers to take advantage of the Bank's life changing bouquet of products

Speaking at the Bank's Customer Forum which held during the weekend in Ibadan, Oyo State capital, Mr. Onwuka hinted that the increase in the Bank's product offerings and its aggressive expansion scheme are practical demonstration of the Bank's appreciation of the need to provide superb financial services to its customers, especially with the reality of the present world economic melt down.

"The introduction of our life changing products in the market and our recent expansion schemes are meant to strengthen our partnership with our customers so they could excel in their respective businesses, more especially in today's fiercely competitive business environment. Clearly, these initiatives will enhance our quality service delivery, as well as, enable us pay adequate attention to the needs of our customers in different market segments," he stated.

Emeka assured customers of the Bank's full preparation to deliver quality services to them in an efficient, seamless and cost-effective manner by leveraging latest technology, adding that wherever, whenever and whatever services they require from Diamond Bank, he is assuring that they will get it.

"We first came to Ibadan about ten years ago and since then, we have commissioned three branches and as I speak to you, we have approval to do more. All these are geared towards bringing banking services closer to your doors. In addition, we will not rest on our oars to ensure that our customers remain at the centre of our business. For us, our customers are our kings and we will continue to revere them at all times," he said.

Onwuka also thanked the customers for choosing Diamond Bank and promised that the Bank will remain resolute in proving tailor-made financial services that best meet their banking needs.

Diamond Bank remains one of the strongest Banks in the country and its core strengths lies in its unique SME business model which has made the Bank a leading bank in small to medium size enterprise market. The Bank's proven market track record gives it competitive advantage in understanding clients' needs and risk profiles in the diverse Micro, Small and Medium scale Enterprises (MSMEs) sector. Another key strength of the Bank lies in the solid Diamond Brand which is associated with integrity, professionalism and high ethical standards. As a matter of fact, this culture has been imprinted on the organization by the founding fathers of the Bank. The Bank is also blessed with exceptional, experienced and cohesive management team with a clear strategic objective to deliver profitable growth to stakeholders.

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Diamond Bank gives away 14 more prizes in her monthly SavingsXtra Promo http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/225-diamond-bank-gives-away-14-more-prizes-in-her-monthly-savingsxtra-promo http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/225-diamond-bank-gives-away-14-more-prizes-in-her-monthly-savingsxtra-promo As part of its effort in encouraging saving culture in the country and as well reward its loyal customers, 14 new winners emerged from Diamond Bank's monthly SavingsXtra promo draw.

According to a statement by the Bank, the draw which was conducted under the supervision of KPMG took place at the Bank's WAAST Avenue branch, Owerri, Imo state, with customers and staff of the Bank in attendance. Kate Ezeifedi, a trader at Alaba International Market, Lagos emerged the winner of the star prize of a brand new Toyota Yaris car.

In the same vein, Mr. Bafa Attahiru Magaji, a Lecturer at the Federal College of Education Kano, won the second star prize of N1 million cash. Also on the winners list are 12 other customers that won various prizes such as LCD TV's, generators, Air Conditioners and music iPods.

Addressing the audience, Regional Manager-South East, Mr. Charles Nkata, explained that the idea behind the Savingsxtra promo is to encourage Nigerians to develop a culture of saving for the rainy day which could also be used for investments. "It's the only way we can secure our future. What one can achieve with money well saved cannot be overemphasized. This promotion is all about appreciating our customers and also saying thank you to all of them for their loyalty. We would like to use this opportunity to assure all our customers that this campaign has come to stay," he stated.

For a customer to qualify for the monthly national draws existing Savingsxtra account holders only need to maintain a minimum balance of N10, 000.00 stand a chance of winning. No documentation is required. New customers, however, will require to open a savingsxtra account and start maintaining the minimum balance until the qualifying date for the draw.

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Diamond Bank donates 200 motocycles to Sokoto State Govt. http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/224-diamond-bank-donates-200-motocycles-to-sokoto-state-govt http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/224-diamond-bank-donates-200-motocycles-to-sokoto-state-govt As part of its corporate social responsibility strategy, Diamond Bank Plc has donated 200 units of motorcycles to the Sokoto State Government which is the Bank's support to the Poverty Alleviation Programme of the state government.

Speaking during the well attended presentation ceremony in Sokoto recently, the Governor of Sokoto State, Alhaji (Dr.) Aliyu Magatakarde Wammako, described the gesture from the Bank as a good example of Public/Private partnership, which is the strategy his lead administration has adopted for the socio-economic development of the state. According to the Wammako, "with this kind of attitude from banks, it will not take long to bring the much needed development and democratic dividends to the people of Sokoto State," he stated.

He further reiterated his earlier call that the private sector needs to form a partnership with the government of Sokoto state to ensure that rapid development is brought to the citizens of the State. "The government cannot carry the burden of development alone, so we are appealing to all stakeholders in the private sector to emulate this good gesture from Diamond Bank and contribute to the development efforts of the government to ensure that the desired level of development is attained in the state in the shortest possible time," he said.

Wammako revealed that the 200 units of motorcycles will go a long way to support his administration's Poverty Alleviation Programme, which he said has touched and transformed the lives of many people in the state who were before now unemployed.

"I will like to use this opportunity to thank Diamond Bank again for their untiring support towards the development of our state and my promise to Diamond Bank is that we shall put the motorcycles to good use," Wammako stated.

Also speaking during the ceremony, The Head, Business Banking Upcountry, Diamond Bank Mr. Victor Ezenwoko, said the gesture is in line with the Banks philosophy of building an enduring partnership with the state government in its bid to check the poverty level in the state of poverty through its poverty alleviation programme.

"We at Diamond Bank believe and buy into the government's plans to alleviate poverty amongst the people of Sokoto State through its poverty alleviation programme and we are committed to joining hands with the state government and its people to make this laudable objective programme a success."

He further stated that like other parts of the North, Sokoto state is a home to Diamond Bank, considering the age long relationship and businesses that have taken place between the state government on one hand and the people of the state on the other.

According to him, "The presentation of these motorcycles is also a continuation of our support to all the various developmental programmes of the state. Diamond Bank is also willing to do more, particularly in the area of agriculture and industrial development and we are set to partner with the government in these areas whenever they are ready to launch the programmes."

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Diamond Bank appointed Primary Dealer/Market Maker for FGN Bonds http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/219-diamond-bank-appointed-primary-dealer-market-maker-for-fgn-bonds http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/219-diamond-bank-appointed-primary-dealer-market-maker-for-fgn-bonds The Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN) through the Debt Management Office (DMO) has given Diamond Bank Plc the nod to perform the functions of a Primary Dealer Market Maker (PDMM) in FGN Bonds.

Speaking at brief presentation ceremony held in his office in Abuja on Friday, June 12, 2009, the Director-General of Debt Management Office, Dr. Abraham Nwankwo, stated that the presentation exercise marks the final stage of the PDMM appointment process, meaning that the Bank has fulfilled the DMO's criteria for the purpose.

"Your appointment as PDMM is based on our expectation that you would be an active participant in both the primary and secondary markets, and that your activities will contribute to the attainment of the DMO's objectives which include, deepening the market, as well as, promoting efficiency and transparency in the market," he stated.

Dr. Nwankwo further stated that DMO believes that Diamond Bank Plc will make use of its large customer base and branch network to provide the much needed depth to the FGN Bond investor base and most importantly, support the DMO's mission to develop the domestic bond market through initiatives such as the introduction of new products.

In his acceptance speech, the Executive Director/Chief Financial Officer, Diamond Bank Plc, Mr. Ohis Ohiwerei who represented the Bank stated that Diamond Bank feels honored to be licensed as a PDMM. "It is a very important day for us in the Bank and we appreciate it. I can assure you that the trust that DMO reposed on us will be rewarded. We are committed to the laudable ideals of DMO and the Federal Government of Nigeria and we will continue to support DMO's initiatives and products," he stated.

Ohiwerei further said that Diamond Bank will put its skills, experience and professionalism into use while transacting in the market. "We have what it takes to support the market and make it grow. We have the reach, capacity and technological muscle to drive the market. And I can tell you that this is apparently the best time to play in the market because it is a risk free investment and we will welcome Nigerians to take advantage of its potentials," he stated.

"In order to ensure that our customers and the general public enjoy the above benefits, Diamond bank has put in place structures that will facilitate our customers' participation at the FGN Bond auctions. Customers can equally dispose the instruments in the secondary market anytime through the bank's market making capability," he said.

He maintained that Bond markets play an important role in mobilizing capital investments that are critical for economic development in the country, adding that an efficient bond market will help promote economic growth and reduce the risk of financial crises.

The approval for Diamond Bank to participate in the market came after extensive review of the operations and technical ability of the Bank and its staff. The Bank leverages on its specialty as a Financial Services institution with expertise in trading government debt securities to get the approval.

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Diamond Bank Collaborates with Lagos Black Heritage Festival to Reward Childrens Creative Talents http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/151-diamond-bank-collaborates-with-lagos-black-heritage-festival-to-reward-childrens-creative-talents http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/151-diamond-bank-collaborates-with-lagos-black-heritage-festival-to-reward-childrens-creative-talents Intent on supporting and growing the creative talents of the next generation, Diamond Bank Plc recently announced its collaboration with the Lagos Black Heritage Festival to sponsor the Vision of the Child Painting Competition. The Vision of the Child is one of the key events of this year's Lagos Black Heritage Festival which is running from April 2- 9, 2012.

According to a statement issued by the Head, Corporate Communications, Diamond Bank, Ms. Akpo Daniyan, Diamond Bank's decision to sponsor the Vision of the Child Painting Competition of the Lagos Black Heritage Festival was informed by the bank's commitment to capacity development, especially of the next generation.

Said Ms. Daniyan, Diamond Bank is proud to sponsor an initiative that celebrates children, promotes their creative development and empowers them to share their vision of their country.

The Paintings of the thirty Children who participated in the competition are currently being exhibited at Kongiâ's Harvest Gallery, Freedom Park, Lagos Island. The Exhibition would culminate in the selection of the winners who would receive cash and non-cash prizes at the awards and dinner nite for the Lagos Black Heritage Festival holding on April 8 at the Civic Centre in Victoria Island, Lagos.

It will be recalled that the painting competition was flagged off by Nobel Laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka on March 17 2012 at a press conference at Freedom Park, Lagos Island. Also in attendance at the press conference were the Lagos State Commissioner for Culture and Intergovernmental Relations, Mr. Disu Holloway; and Executive Director, Diamond Bank, Mr. Uzoma Dozie.

Diamond Bank's sponsorship of the Vision of the Child Painting Competition of the Lagos Black Heritage Festival is one of the bank's sponsorships of activities that celebrate arts and culture in the country.

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Diamond Bank and Visa Demonstrate Innovation in card designs http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/115-diamond-bank-and-visa-demonstrate-innovation-in-card-design http://www.diamondbank.com/index.php/component/content/article/63-news/press-releases/115-diamond-bank-and-visa-demonstrate-innovation-in-card-design Visa, one of the world's leading payment solution providers, has partnered with Diamond Bank Nigeria PLC to launch a premium card service to provide customers with increased credit card capabilities, convenience and rewards.

This offering brings the first diamond-embedded Visa card to Nigeria and the African continent. Aptly named the Visa Diamond Card, this card forms part of Diamond Bank's private banking proposition known as Diamond Privilege, a service that caters to the needs of high net worth individuals.

The exclusive Visa card, which is available to Privilege Banking clients by special invitation only, holds an authentic certified diamond which demonstrates the level of thought and detail that has gone into its design. The card was conceptualised to offer added value to Privilege Banking clients, allowing them to transact with ease whilst getting rewards in return.

Some of the benefits of the card include easy access to credit and higher limits for larger transactions, as well as a dedicated relationship manager to take care of their every need. As it is a card for Privilege Banking clients, the card offers a reward scheme that gives customers access to numerous airline lounges, free flights and upgrades with the bank's local and international airline partners.

Ms. Akpo Daniyan, Head of Corporate Communications for Diamond Bank, said: We named it the Diamond Card because true to its name, it has a real diamond in it. Our clients deserve the very best and so we wanted to do something special. Working with our partners, Secure ID and Visa, we added a real diamond stud and implanted the Diamond Bank name with real platinum. Our customers who already have this card tell us how proud they are to use it.

Ade Ashaye, Country Manager for Visa West Africa, said: We are very proud to partner with Diamond Bank on this exclusive card which is the first card in the market, and in Africa, to have a real diamond embedded. The card can be used at the point of sale, at ATMs and online with the added benefit of Verified by Visa security when transacting [online].

Speaking further on the partnership between Diamond Bank and Visa, Ms. Daniyan said: Our partnership with Visa is based on a mutually beneficial professional relationship. The bank prides itself on being an innovator in payments and retail banking. We find it refreshing to work with like- minded organizations such as Visa, who are there to provide expert support and advice on projects such as this one.

Diamond Bank issued one of the first truly international revolving Visa credit cards in Nigeria and has continued to innovate since then. This card is just another great example of the array of unique products and services the bank offers its customers.

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