Diamond mVISA - Scan Pay and Go

Diamond mVISA

 The Easy And Secure Way To Make Payment

The burden of carrying cash and the stress of standing in long queues are all in the past! Thanks to Diamond mVisa, you can now make payments for goods and services in an easy and secure way.

Diamond mVisa is an innovative mobile payment solution available on the Diamond mobile app that is sure to make payments hassle-free and enjoyable for you.

Paying with mVisa is secure and convenient. No need to carry cash. simply scan, pay, and go.

Enjoy amazing rewards with Diamond mVisa

Simply use Diamond mVisa service for a chance to win

• N1,000 airtime -open to the first 3,500 mVisa subscribers to perform two mVisa transactions each week

• N1,000 airtime - open to the first 1,000 mVisa subscribers to perform three mVisa transactions each week worth N10,000

• Smartphones - open to customers with the highest transaction counts for 6 weeks

Scan with mVISA


Scan the QR code with your mobile phone or enter the mVisa Merchant ID on your bank’s USSD menu
Pay with mVISA


Enter the amount to be paid. Payments come straight from your bank account, secured by your bank and Visa.
Payment Confirmation with mVISA

Cost Free

You will receive instant payment confirmation

Steps For Using Diamond mVISA


Follow these simple steps to using mVISA:

• Download/Upgrade the Diamond Mobile App from your device app store
• Login to the Diamond Mobile App
• Select ‘Pay with mVisa’ from the menu
• Chose any of the three options to make payment: Camera, Gallery or Enter Merchant ID


Diamond mVisa Is The smarter, Faster and More secure way to get paid.

Now you can make it easy or your customers to pay you with Diamond mVisa. Get paid the easier way.

Register for mVisa at any Diamond bank branch to get your unique merchant QR code. Experience how seamless it is for you to receive and you’re all set to start receiving payments.

Follow these simple steps to using mVISA:

How to get started
1. Visit any Diamond bank branch to register.
2. A merchant welcome pack will be sent to you.
3. Download the Diamond mVisa app and login with the merchant details that will be sent to you.
4. Place your QR code on your counter so that your customers can scan and pay with ease.

How to get started as a Merchant using mVISA

To accept mVisa payments for your business, all you need is a smart device (phone or Tablet) with a data Connection (2G, 3G or 4G).

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